If u are a male....

Friday, August 25, 2006 Posted by YY on 9:36 AM

Recently something happened in cyber space or rather thru a MMORPG ...
Story goes like this:

Boonie had a maple fren who gave him stuff like scrolls(expensive stuff) , and some cash items (in game stuff which u use sgd to buy).

This maple fren was getting irritating one night and he dared boonie to delete him from buddylist if boonie found him irritating..So boonie deleted this cad. Then now that cad is demanding that boonie returns him all the stuff he has given him last time..so on and so forth..

Just yesterday that cad flooded boonie's tag board with some stuff like..
boonie is a scammer..he scammed me of those items and deleted me from buddylist
AND he keeps on ranting and trying to shoot everyone that asks him to buzz off..

Come on lah, u call urself a working male at age 27 and u behave like a primary school kid..
Better hide urself in a hole..at age 27 still say a sec school kid scammed you..brainless

And this cad even claimed he himself is a child..yah he's a child trapped in an adult's body lmao

And whilst he's trying to waste time wrecking havoc on boonie's blog..

I m reminded of smth..if u are a male,
IF u break up with your gf, pls pls pls DO NOT ask for the presents to be given back..
like what diamond rings,bags,..those stuff..pls do not say.."now we have break up pls return me all those stuff i once given you"..it makes you look CHEAP..downright bastard k..

But if she owes you money, please do hound her..lol~