Liquid Kitchen

Monday, October 16, 2006 Posted by YY on 12:14 AM

Just went Liquid Kitchen last saturday, 16/10 to celebrate wu's birthday.

Wu's bibi's army fren, well I haven really talked to him in depth before.

Impression of him was a quiet person, but he's always sporting & onz whenever we jio him go outings. And most of all, I am a freeloader during such occasions. Once again, thanks to ong, beng, bibi, wu for splitting the bill w/o me :x

Some interesting offers at the bukit timah branch:
20% off before 9pm (Happy hr before 9pm)

A 30% discount for main courses, desserts, cocktails, finger foods and pizza whenever a GOAL! is scored.
This is one interesting offer u know, we nearly ordered finger food for every goal >.> except 2.

We ordered main course before 7pm as we tot a goal won't be scored that early.. -.- unfortunately it did score at 2mins starting =.=''

Our starter: Caesar Salad - Eh nuttin too fanciful but edible, free flow soft drinks incl.

Our main courses : Seafood pasta

Yet another pasta

My main course, some bread crust over curry chicken. Curry was thick, bread crust was nice. But not filling lol...

Our complimentary dessert, which was selling at $7.80 originally. Mango Cheese Cake.

Some goals came along and we ordered fruitti martini for all. Except ong being 'special' again, ordered white russian. Milk with whisky and smth else.

Birthday boy wu, with his peppermint martini.

Bibi focused on watching soccer with his kiwi martini.

My lychee martini, ebng ordered this too. After 2 mouths, i decided it was tad too..BLEAH~so bibi has 2 shares to finish.
Another GOAL~ Ong ordered chicken frank. Hmm i didnt know pple cut up hotdogs into this shape...

And a fondue which costs 11bucks after discount of 30%. Yummy~ i love marshmallows..^^

Some mexican wings and texas wings which was crispy but our tastebuds failed to detect the differences btwn i only took 1

Ahh the interesting menu on cocktails :
I saw it and told beng, "Hey this cocktail suitable for u"
Ong looked hard at it and let out a soft note.."Blow..." LOL
Showed to wu and bibi.
All laughed and dared beng to order 'blow job' from the female waitress.
I said,"Wait wait..i on video first..then i video u ordering, and put on youtube and my blog and u become famous overnite"

Imagine a customer going :"Excuse, can i have a blow job?" while ordering..lolol -.-

And as usual cocktail, sex on the beach is on asked beng to order this at first..hehe

After 2 matches, we decided to head home.
Liquid Kitchen worth 3.5/5 , Branch: bukit timah.