Strange morons wasting oxygen on Earth

Tuesday, October 17, 2006 Posted by YY on 11:12 AM

I really wonder why the fiak there's so many morons working as heads in several depts here.

Maybe its not that easy to be a HEAD , u say? But can u at least show me some points to show that u r NOT A MORON that I thought u to be?

Stupid email, stupid comments..Bloody hell, i m not under your dept but yet I have to clear some of UR SHIT for you. And what fiaking mail u reply?

U say why is the content page table not updated? U freaking bloody bitch, just right click and select update entire table. U mean u duno? Or are ur clumsy fingers to weak to do it?

And u mentioned u DUNO which link to click in the screenshot becos the cursor wasnt captured? FIAK U!

First your QA SO LATE then come tell us the test specs changed. It was changed abt one mth ago, and u had to wait till our files was done and everything was typed nicely swee swee then u come and tell us. So much for TEAM WORK eh~

Secondly, hey u didnt mentioned u want the cursor in the freaking pictures k. How the fiak i know u want it? And how i know u so stupid, link also duno which one to click? There's only ONE in the entire picture LOR.

Thirdly, we are not QAs and we aren't trained and seriously shouldn't be clearing such shit with our own work UNDONE.

Stupid morons...i never met lan jiao langs like this until i work here. Now i know why my cousin after IA here, dun wan come back anymore. My blood pressure keep rising man~

Bibi say i shld email the QA head back and say " U r the QA HEAD LEH, u still need pple to SPOON FEED u???" Click the bloody table urself and update the content page, simple.