An eventful monday

Thursday, October 05, 2006 Posted by YY on 9:52 AM

Sorry for the late posts *who m i saying sorry to..there's no one reading my blog anyway*

On the blue monday, i opened my hse door and to my astonishment i saw this policeman loitering outside my house.

He was talking on his phone, and when he saw me he was relived and muttered to his phone "Oh ok, someone is out.."
Policeman : "Ur doorbell is spoilt eh?? I didn't knock on the door as its so early in the morning.."
Me : "Yah"
Policeman : "Is Mr xxx staying here?"
Me : " Eh yah why? what is it regarding?"
Policeman : "He is the owner of car xxxx?"
Me : "Yah y???"
Policeman : "His car windscreen has been smashed....... ...."
Me : ""
Policeman : "Unknown person, we need him to check what is stolen."
Me : -.-' Goes inside shakes dad to wake up..

Policeman has guai guai told me, he might be a ns's y he look blur

As i made my way out for work, after the car theft saga, i apologised to the policeman as he waited so long...he smiled..guai kia looks >.>

Later on in the noon, i found out that it was a car theft involving more than 1 car..and my dad..dumbo.left cashcard inside his slot for all to's y his car was targetted.

BUT my dad's cashcard has LESS THAN $10 inside..-__-''' the thief stole a cashcard with less than $10 value inside LMAO~

Heng the windscreen costs are covered under insurance ..zzzz