*** Company DND

Tuesday, October 03, 2006 Posted by YY on 9:48 AM

Company DND is coming in Nov End, at Raffles Swissotel~ WEE and its FOC!!
I love freebies..no i m not cheapo..

Its every employee's mentality to take advantage of the company's resources be it internet bandwidth to DL smth, pens, paper..ETC..i wonder why..and finally when i start working I KNOW!

Becos they ill treat us , so we must get back what we "deserved" -.-'

Then my team leader overheard what Boss's boss said:"NO DND for THEM-->us, becos its first day of testing!"

We were like " WTF?", what do you call a COMPANY DND w/o allowing some of its dept employees to go.

Bibi suggest i write a email to Hai Ge and tell him that, the COMPANY dnd should be changed to Depts DND... -_-' But i thought it was a relatively good idea..LMAO..then bibi say if Hai ge disagrees, u can tender and make a Hoo Ha with Mr. Brown..let them advertise this MNC for free. I smile hearing this ^^