Genting Trip Day 3/5

Sunday, May 06, 2007 Posted by YY on 11:56 PM

First thing was to check in. Since ong frequents Genting, he had some points accumulated on his card *get this card if u are planning to visit Genting often*. 10 points = 1 room at First World Hotel

Of course different grades/ hotels has different rates. First World being the lowest one in the hotels participating in this points exchange for room scheme. Look at the hotel lobby where people are waiting for the number to Check in, the counter staff gets to look down frm the mountain top and enjoy sunrise/sunset scenary everyday wow~

Depositing our luggage as we can only check in at 9am

First Meal of the day: Dim sum at some restaurant within walking distance..but heck its not nice to eat. I hate sub standard food =(
Walking back after a meal..time to start gambling and jackpot-ing wee~
Though I am never quite a gambler of any sort and I don't indulge in any gambling activities frequently but jackpots are pretty fun always hehe~

Cool misty weather outside~ Orange tall guy is ong, next is beng, janice den bibi

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