Genting Trip 3/5 Part 2

Monday, May 07, 2007 Posted by YY on 12:11 AM

Time: 10am plus
Activity: Check In to room

Checking in to our rooms..oops the machine guns occupy the rooms next to beng and ong.
Janice, bibi and me shared the next room after Beng/Ong's. Although the room is FOC, the basic amenities are there but the WATER PIPE has some freaking stupid problems! If u turn on the tap too slowly, u will have a ultra screeching sound at your tap, and so will the rest of the occupants directly above and below you hear it.. yes we got awaken by it MANY TIMES -.- crap

Positions of the rooms are such that, if you open your windows you would be able to look into your direct neighbours rooms and see what they are doing -.-' And one more thing to add, there are no air cons in the room..only ceiling an..apparently its so cold that you can just open the windows slightly and turn on ceiling fan..woah~ it feels like air con already.

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Largest hotel..hmm interesting..but its sure dilapidated when you look out of the windows -_-'
We snoozed and snoozed from 3pm to around 7pm *we left the hotel rm cos the room service was not done we went to gamble :p * Ahh~ felt so refreshed after the nap..that beng and ong said i looked different from before i slept -.-''

Then we went to dinner at this food court that has Teppanyaki and some other fare..beng, bibi and me tried teppanyaki while janice and ong tried Ramen..o fiak..Let me reiterate once more "I HATE substandard food" >=0 the teppanyaki was expensive and pai jiak..Lousy~

In the end, I gave up on swallowing those half cooked and blan and bean sprouts and ordered a bowl of ramen. Although its on the salty side, its MUCH MUCH better -.-

So we went back to gamble *yet again* after was pretty boring at the Jackpot until we won 8911 credits with the help of LADY LUCK - Janice *confetti falls..whistles blow* But it only sorta recovered our loss and helped us to break even ..eeee~

Stayed around and gambled till abt 5am plus, went back to room. Janice being in the jubilant mood went to call beng's room to disturb him. So she went on the mimic and ask if he wants "room service". According to beng who told us later after the incident that he went quite shock when he received the call..den he tot its quite weird..maybe its Janice making fun of him *beng must be thinkin HOSEH liao hoseh extra services* After that nite, they kept making fun of her with room service.

After all the calling, we went to snoozed till 1pm plus next day...zzzz