Genting Trip 4/5

Tuesday, May 08, 2007 Posted by YY on 12:08 AM

It was extremely cold on this day..i gather it must have fell to 15 degress *shivers* Look at the misty surroundings..

I lost some money at the jackpot and was getting bored of facing those machines tt are eating my money I complained to bibi. He slotted in the card..recovered some $ and made me felt gd again XD *call me a scrooge*

Afterwhich we all got pretty bored gambling and strolled outside..and saw roller coaster rides. Wee~ this roller coaster is interesting..

Some scenary *misty*

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Janice was excited and wanted to take the roller we psycho beng to get on it..and bibi wanted to play too..I had some phobia about heights but bibi was always taunting me to get on a roller coaster..seeing this roller coaster will tilt us into the lying down position..I decided to give it a try. Ong chickened out and became the photographer. On the way to the roller coaster, beng said he didnt understand why he got scammed onto the roller coaster with us wahahah~

We got onto the "seats" standing up and holding the 2 metal handles. "BAM!" The lock secured and the "seats" tilted us into the "superman" flying position..

Mooowww...the engines started and we turned upwards vertically until it paused and WEE~ down we go..Yup i closed my eyes all the way until it slowed down and ended..LMAO~

Throughout the ride, they kept saying "shiok ar..waaa~ song ar..." while i was geng-ing my muscles before I suffered broken ribs from all the shaking..According to bibi and beng, they had their sides knocked..pain pain~ The roller coaster went upside down as well. Below are pics taken by Ong.

Before the ride: Forceful smiles? >.<

When we turn

In the air~ wee...luckily cannot see me closing my eyes shut

Finally back to the ground.Phew~

After the exhilarating experience, the nerves in my neck felt strained and painful. We saw the massage package in the mall..1hr for 120RM *read cut carrots price* incl. back and foot.

After the massage, i felt better but still suffering from side effects of motion sickness..zzz

Had dinner at some non halal restaurant and the wanton mee costs S$7 wtf? But it tastes ok..luckily nv waste $ -_-

After dinner, we went back to shower and get ready for our last round of gamble before leaving tmr.

Throughtout the night we had one funniest incident..we were in the non smoking area and we saw a banker with very good luck at the 21points table. She could wipe everyone on the table. Janice then told me, this banker vv ong one, cannot play cos she lost $ before to that banker. Then Ong came along, and wanted to sit down at that table. I pulled him aside and said,"Dun play, janice say this banker vv ong" Ong sat down, and announced at the table,"Janice 不要怕, 我帮你报仇!" Everyone look at him, as he placed his bets. Ong started losing every single game, and even when he split 2 Aces, he didn't get any Black Jack..that was suay enuff.

The expression of disbelief on Ong's face - Priceless. His eyeballs nearly popped out..disgusted, he stood up and left the table. He then went to the next table to try his luck at 三只公(smth like o'clock card game) He suddenly started a winning streak and "crowned" the TIN GONG KIA! For the first few games, he has 7 to 9 points..then janice saw Ong was winning money and so Janice went to bet with him..suddenly Ong started getting 3points and below after that*Ong was convinced that janice must be the suay kia* but the dealer was unlucky somehow..even if Ong has lousy cards like 3 point, the dealer had 2 points only. After recovering + additional profit, we went to mac for breakfast at 5am plus.

It was only during one of the breakfasts, I realised Ong and Beng has been eating 5 meals per day..WOW