3D2N Genting Trip: 2/5 ~ 5/5

Sunday, May 06, 2007 Posted by YY on 9:56 PM

Date: 2/5/07 23:30
Activity: Meetup at Golden Mile to take coach to Genting
Tour Group Members: Beng, Ong, Janice, Bibi , YY
Tour Bus: Alisen Travel Agency's Bus - AEW 5001
Cost of 1 way trip: S$35

Met at 11pm plus at Golden Mile Hawker Centre and had some drinks before boarding bus to embark on a 6 hour bus ride journey.
Checked in at 11.30pm and waited for the bus to start..meanwhile passengers started boarding a bus. There was another grp of 5 guys tt were pretty noisy, ong nicknamed them as "machine guns" XD

The bus started at around 12 MN and by right we were supposed to rest and sleep..but~ the indian drivers were somehow distracting..why? Once we arrived into malaysia, me and bibi( we sat just behind the driver) were unable to nap because the driver was driving in a strange manner, for every 10mins or so he would stretch his side like he couldn't see through the windscreen(or trying to peek thru the windscreen) and stretch BOTH his hands up in the air..eh that means no hands on the steering wheel -.-' omg like that how can we 'rest in peace' seeing him drive like tt

Worse, he would smoke at regular intervals, choking me or burped loudly *frankly speaking, i duno what he ate before this* for the whole journey =.=

Finally I saw the sign "15KM to Genting Highlands" omgomg..we are finally reaching..however, it took another like 45min to 1hr before we reached the destination zzz~

Time: 6.40 am
Location: On the way to Genting Highlands First World Hotel

We were just in time to watch sunrise at 6.40am. Most of the pics were taken thru a pane of glass.
It was SO COLD outside..i was literally shivering with my knees shaking -.-' Guess it was about 17 degrees or so man..

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