The final saga: The last salary payout

Saturday, May 12, 2007 Posted by YY on 3:51 PM

U must have realised that I ceased posting about the fiaking company
/boss recently. Yes, I changed my job.

After the 1st week of work, I must say i enjoy this job much more than

the previous one, be it culture of the workplace or benefits..etc

The salary saga

20/3 : Tendered resignation
11/4 : Got letter stating that I would be getting bonus and increment
w.e.f of 1st April
20/4 : Last day in that co.
27/4 : Saw that salary payout not correct. It was my old pay!
2/5 : Called HR and guy D said he would check with payroll for me
7/5 : Didnt receive any calls whilst overseas so I called again


D : I will check with them again. Get back to you again
Me: Ok

Hours reply..

Me: Hi, is there is reply on the discrepency?
D : Oh, my colleague was supposed to call you..she didn't? Oh she's nt
ard now..get back to you later.

Another few hours passed..

Me: Hi D, I have not received any call from your colleague.
D : Oh I checked with your supevisor he said you have tendered
resignation so you are not eligible for bonus. *I tot his colleague was supposed to be the one relating the news*
Me: The letter i received was dated on 1/4/07, I tendered on 20/3/07.
D : Oh, then I check with him and get back to you again.


Called again..

Me: Hi, so may I know whats the outcome?
D : Your supervisor was supposed to call you to discuss about it.
Me: No, I didnt receive any call
D : If he doesnt call you by tmr, please give me a call again.


Me: *Sends email to MOM enquiring on the salary issue, then calls D
D : Ah? He haven call you ar, whats that J doing..ok, nvm I give him a
call first and get back to you.

Hours passed..

Me: Yah how is it? Is he in office?
D : Yah maybe you can call him at this extension
Me: *Call call one pick up...*

Minutes passed..

Me: I called he's not in office
D : Eh I think he's moving ard. I called his hp just now but its
sensitive information so I cannot give it to you.
Me: Fine, then give him my hp so he can call me. Thanks.

Hours flew by..

Me: *Phone rings*
J : Hi, i have something to discuss with you on the bonus issue.
Me: Yes
J : May I know when you joined the company?
Me: Apr 06
J : Then I think you are eligible for the bonus as its for until dec 06
but not the increment as its for if you stayed on in the company.
Me: Yah your letter states w.e.f of 1st April, I tendered earlier than
this date.
J : But the letter was printed much earlier than the date printed
there. So the increment was for if you stayed on
Me: But your letter states black and white, w.e.f of 1st April, unless
you are telling me that the letterhead on the letter does not represent the company
J : How much increment is there from the previous salary?
Me: $xxx
J : So you are expecting that we backpay you the increment??!! Come on,
its a small amount.
Me: Thats not what I meant, but your letter states black and white that I have a increment and bonus.
J : Ok, since you insist on that, I will get the HR to honour their letter.
Me: Thank u
J : Bye
Me: Bye

10/5/07 9am plus

J : Hi, may I know which date did you do clearance?
Me: 20/4
J : Ok, thanks.Bye
Me: Bye

I suspect an evil plot is hatching, they must be tryin to find some
sorta evidence to disallow my claim for bonus. Really~

It was such a lame attempt by the HR..what fiak they play all the hide and seek game. There was once I even called until the line became engaged..I suspect he hung up the phone or smth. Yes, I was that free that day, that i kept calling and calling lalala~
I cannot see any sincerity in resolving the issue, why make it difficult for everyone..they had god dam lot of time to retract/reprint that so called printed much earlier letter from wherever it was after I tendered resignation. Its like 2-3 weeks?! Why should I be made to "suffer" (less 2k in my bank -.-) for the mistake in administration?

Like I care that your letter was printed earlier den 20/3.
Now they wanna sneak away from what states w.e.f of 1st April and not pay me the increment *J said during the call*. Although most might say that if i can get the bonus back then its gd enuff, but I don't care what matters is the black and white. You cld have not given me the letter in the 1st place, but you did and thats all that matters.

I will not give up this case as its a 4 figure sum, if its a few hundred..maybe bo kiam eng bah~