On MC and that bitch had to ruin my day!

Saturday, November 18, 2006 Posted by YY on 10:09 PM

If you find my posts getting angrier..oh yes I am!

Had stomach upset when i reached office on thursday morning...but went to work anyway cos i was supposed to go give my statement on the stupid lost wallet *which i got back already on wednesday*

Was in the loo trying to do my business when Jon smsed me.."U in office? We having meeting in audi, come now." I replied,"Just leave me in the loo, i stomache."
When i went back after sometime..they were still in the meeting and Jon smsed,"You made the right choice not to come, they go on and on like we are pri sch kids."

At 10am plus, there was yet ANOTHER boring meeting for our team..And boss stopped me along the way and told me later got meeting for YOU and LX.

The sitting arrangement during meeting was hilarious...Her pets seated beside her like her left and right hand man..as she announced her pets' tasks for the testing period tt's upcoming...

Halfway in the meeting for our team, my stomach started churning again..so i went off to the loo and never came back ^^

Den i decided i should go give my statement and head home to see doctor..feeling very uncomfortable..and FIAK! The policeman fly my kite...he told me lunch time come but he's on night shift..waste time~

Took a cab to police station, $3.50..take cab home $14..zzzzzzz!

Rested for 1hr, soon it was 2.30pm..clinic shld be opened..and i went down..doctor is MISSING..he's late...-.- And first thing he came..he went to check on his fishes and fish tank lamp.. =.=

So i went to on to tell doc whassup and he gave me 2 days MC..*WOOT~* Den, boss sms me, "Where are you? We are having a meeting." Apparently, I didnt tell her i went home for half day MC LMAO~ I only told my team leader..expecting her to tell boss..SO i went to sms my team leader to ask her help me tell boss i m on half day mc. Not I XL or what la..but i just dun feel like replying her.

Friday evening..was relaxing..and waiting for dinner when an unfamiliar number called, picked up AND IT WAS boss...

Boss: "yy, a number of severity 1 defects were raised today. I need you to come back during the weekend to OT and clear the defects as the blah blah blah had to be completed by next week."

Me: *WTF i m on MC and u call me to ask me OT!!!* "I should be using VPN to work on it"

Conversation goes on for 30secs *i forgot what she said..i was boiling over*

Rest of the day, mood RUINED! This incl. the current moment...the defects raised, I cant solve becos i duno how to..really, the pgrm aint written by me..its by some china tmp staff..and he didnt complete that section of code....

Later i logged on vpn and i saw an email from boss with subject - Where are you? LOLOLOLOLOL!!!

Monday is DND..i m glad we withdrew..i cant imagine sitting with those bitches..i rather forgo the $88 dinner.