Tuesday, November 21, 2006 Posted by YY on 10:22 AM

Wee~ Heard from collegues that boss's boss who sits less than 3m away from me is marking me.

O yes jon i got your msg, ok zip now?

As for why he mark me, I cant find any reasons as to why he wont do so..because:

  1. I leave work at 6pm on the dot everyday unless..i thrice a mth at most
  2. I disappear from my desk twice a day..for abt 20mins but hey add up total 40mins isn't that same as going to the loo at regular intervals?
  3. I haven finished my work, yes I know I haven finish my work
  4. He walks past and sees me surfing non work related sites, msn..o yes..but i dun have rear mirrors on the back of my head
  5. I DO NOT chat/talk to him. Whats there to say? How's ur fishes today? Lame shit!
How can u be so bo chap u say? Eh..but i m like that?

Ok, right now I am doing my work, i am not surfing non work related webbies except jobstreet and jobsDB.