Stalker that i will always remember : C.K

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The story starts like this since yr 2001..

This guy suddenly appeared one day when i was queueing up for smth with a course mate then he ask if we want the model answers for xx module.

So me and my fren say we wan, the guy aka ck ask us for email then we give him lor..*who suspect so much* He really did send us the answer .

One fine day, that ck say hi to me at bus stop..i blur blur duno who say hi to me >. >
He added me on icq and he always ask me out, ask me wanna go msia with him anot. -.-' alone with him so i always rejected with "ahh no la..." *btw he's from msia but is PR liao*

Fast fwd>>>>>i see him around in school often and went town with him b4..until when IA (industrial attachment during yr3)started, i dun see him ard of course..btw he's retained so he's having a 1 week holiday in march and was very free. So much so...that suddenly one fine day he say he got car, ask me wanna get a lift anot since he returning rented car on the way to go my IA company.

DAY 1 (March 2004)

Thats when the adventure 7.30am from west area (my hse)

He was supposed to drive me from my hse to go to my IA co. at chinatown...HOWEVER..
He took a BIG BIG BIG round, on the xpressway..when i saw that i asked him why and he replied, " I wanna be with you longer and look at you" *Eeeekk*

Shit! I am in a moving vehicle and I cant run..should I jump car..these thoughts kept running thru my mind..
Nvm...i bid my time and i told him.."u drive me to my place sooner, then we can have kopi also what."
Ck : *slams forehead* "Yah hor, why i so stupid..."
Me : bah~

Then our car was at this woodlands area, we were stopping at the traffic light. At that time we were at the first row of cars stopping. Then he saw no cars moving in the other direction and HE DASHED across the road! *we at red light, other junction green but no cars moving across*

So we were stationary at the red lgith, behind the lines when he suddenly released braked and sped fwd..
WTF? My life was in great danger..imagine if there's suddenly cars from the green light path..we would crash and I will never make it to work that morning, not to mention blog abt this incident -___-'''

After that, I was convinced he must be crazy..omgomgomg~ and I cant run I tried to stay calm
then he drive until AYE area..we route route route around chinatown...and cannot find the way to the IA co. cos yy < -.-''' Issit...? At this point of time, we were wandering around chinatown maze....and this ck did smth so dumb..he actually went to horn at the driver beside us while we were stopping at traffic light, asked the driver to wind down his windows and asked," Hey, u know how to go Maxwell Food centre?" Yah and the other driver must be thinking he's nuts or what..and all reply this direction, that direction... Finally thru a illegal right turn, I reached the IA company nearly 10am!! And ck said he will wait for me during lunchtime..not wanting to be a BAD FREN..i say ok den. Upon arrival, Zzzzzz I sheephisly greeted all, and told me IA sup--> Shawn about what happened.
Until about was lunch and i went to eat with him and quickly went back to office..before I left he said he will come and look for me during lunch tmr and I said, " Tmr i m lunching in, my collegues buy for me"
*I said this to reject his KIND offer*

Den he replied,"Nvm I buy for you nice food."
With that, i returned to office.

DAY 2 (March 2004)

At 12 noon, I smsed my collegues who went for lunch..,"Is there a guy downstairs?"
They replied," yah..duno what's he doing there."

Feeling scared, I didnt wanna go down to claim "my lunch" at i hid in the office...yes literally HIDE..
Den my IA supervisor, shawn went out to the corridoor for a puff.
He suddenly came back within minutes in a hurry and said, "杀到来了! 杀到来了!。。。"
Me: " ???"
Shawn: " Your stalker is here le..I was outside smoking alone when someone suddenly tapped my shoulder and gave me a shock. He wanted to borrow light from me, den he ask me yy is inside issit? I told him you are in meeting with boss..."
Me: "SHAWN! You should have said u DUNO ME..why u say i inside???!!!??"
So both of us hid in the office..feeling freaked out..with this persistent guy...I was waiting..waiting for him to go away..give up and leave..

But after 1pm plus, i asked my collegues who came back from lunch, is there still a guy downstairs? They said yes..and he's sleeping at the dirty staircase...omgomgomg

Shit! He's still ar? I asked shawn, and he said dun so many guys at most later he accompany me down at 6pm if ck is still there.

So meanwhile, I tried seeking help from my ICQ/MSN list to no avail....and that bibi DUN WAN to come and fetch me and fend off this stalker..zzz

In the end, bibi came at 6pm but he dun wan to go my IA co which is 5minutes walk from the MRT station..he say he wait at mrt for me..BAH! But u know why he came eventually? Cos guohong went to 烦 him repeatedly on my behalf after my plea on ICQ.

So at 6pm, I went down the dark stairs at my workplace with my supervisor, Shawn.
Ck was still there and he followed behind us.
I didnt dare to look at ck, i just walked straight ahead briskly w/o lookin too scared...
Suddenly Shawn turned and said angrily to ck," Who are you? Why are you following her? "
I was quite shocked for the sudden outburst and I tried to look away from ck..
Ck: " I...I am her friend, I am having dinner with her...right yy? "
Me: *Feeling so .....awkward..i wanna hide in a hole...*
Me: " Eh..i m meeting my fren at the MRT station he's here already.."
*Walks quickly to the main case the lunatic does smth silly*
Ck: *Hands me "my lunch" that he bought earlier on* "I was here since 11.30am till now.."
Ck turns and leave..
I took a look at the wanton mee he bought..and dumped it into the bin beside me..
*There goes his 爱心便当*

Den i walked with shawn to MRT station and saw bibi..*zzzz*
Before you think that ck is right now depressed and hates me to the core...he smsed me later in the nite..saying sorry........SORRY for what? I really pei fu him for having the courage to sms me after all that saga..Really~

Btw, ck has seen bibi in school before and shook hands with him before. So, dun ask me why he's still trying to be funny and does he know i m attached?

And I found out last year that ck almost asks all girls out..he will try and befriend them..and ask them if they wanna go tour msia with him..wanna go out with him..wanna do this do that...
zzz i thought i had a 痴心的 stalker...*hurmph* minus his points for this...

And just in 2005 Valentine's, he gave me a rose outside the lecture hall..O gosh so many pple there..and i conveniently pushed the rose to Jonathan who was nearby..HEHE..
ck: " Vday rose for you.."
Me: " No nid la, u give your gf"
ck: " I give le, this one for u"
Me: *wth* " Eh i dun wan.." *pushes to jonathan*
Me: " Hey jon, u take and give xxx la..."
*Runs off quickly with jonathan trailing behind me*

So in the end, jon had no chance but to keep the rose from ck..and i ran away.


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I was on ICQ to witness that historical moment!~~ Haha :D