Friday 03/11 at VivoCity

Sunday, November 05, 2006 Posted by YY on 12:35 AM

Last friday, we decided to watch Prestige at GV located in VivoCity at Harbour Front.
Blur me forgot to bring the complimentary tickets out so I went to meet my sis to get it in orchard den went down to harbour front.

Wu reached earlier and i was supposed to contact him to meet and buy tkts it was abit strange..
As i was pondering about whether to call or i typed a sms..and went out of the MRT station..suddenly someone flashed past to get my attention, Oh~ It was wu..i no nid to sms liao..hehe

So we made our way up the shopping complex, and finally found the obscure cineplex..zzz it doesnt look like a cinema entrance..
Queued up and the counter girl said, 21:40 "The prestige" SOLD OUT!
Wtf? We reached at 7.15pm to buy tkt for 9.40pm show..sold out....bah!
So we asked if the compliementary tkts cld be used for 00:30 show..she said, "Eh can" Then this noob counter girl continued to scan the barcode repeatedly..finally she gave up..cos the computer doesnt accept it.

So she bothered her nearby collegues for help..and someone came over and told us the complimentary cant be used for midnight show..
URGH..~ waste of time..So our hopes for watching "The Prestige" went down the drain..

Bibi and beng were on the way when i called them..but 10mins later there was no signs of them...Yes, they got LOST in the huge shopping complex..Lmao~

So we decided to watch "The Guardian" instead since it starts at 23:45-->nt midnight yet
But heck, we got too much free time on hand now..from 8pm to we went for dinner at Queensway area..den shopped alittle at Queensway Shopping centre..but its only 9plus

Anyway it was charged at per entry parking, we decided to head back to VivoCity..So we took a stroll ard...
Outside vivocity, u can see sentosa..Me, bibi, yeyi, yueming(JC classmates) used to study at World Trade Mac/Kfc..but since it was tore down, we never returned..Ah~ now i see some familiar scenary

By the "sea" there's some benches..and this strange looking "pond" with a circular thingy made up of shells only..interesting~ The water is supposed to go thru down the hole in the circular shell structure.

After awhile, we decided to go back to the aircon area..and we saw a series of shops selling those cute stuff.. (Mu-eem, Action City, Mini Toons)

Went into one of the shops, saw Candy long time since i saw it..hmm where's the price tag, i i went to enquire and to my surprise..wee its S$1.50/100grams..thats' cheap compared to cold storage u know..$2/100grams

And it comes with such cute plastic bag..hehe~

The stuff we chose, sour apple, coke, marshmallows, coke gummy..etc~

Then we went past Swensens..this swensens looked terms of deco, we decided to have some dessert..Earth Quake..8 flavours of icecream with toppings.

The interior design of the odd looking swensens...

We encountered another noob at Swensens, the waiter was a trainee..and he looked so..blur and a daze while we tried to tell him the 8 flavours..nonetheless the earth quake arrived.

With my shaky hands, i tried to take pictures..and they had to wait for about 2mins before they cld charge in to eat.
Flavours : Thin mint, mocha chocolate fudge(i think), rum raisin, blue berry, mango, yam
Chocolate chip, strawberry.

It costs me $ T_T..ok fine i know i have been a free loader for a long time, its time to repay >.>
After a fulfilling dessert, we went to the sky garden on lvl3. This is the playground with interesting colors. The slides and tunnels...but no longer in they have soft ground for kids =)

From sky garden, we went one more lvl "ponds" and some breath taking scenary..

Beng could not resist the temptation to dip his feet into the pond...we attempted to kick his slipper down..he protested saying his slippers would become heavy after soaking up water.. >.>

Another side of the garden...

There was a gallery, guess its for performances..and there's some pple resting under the night sky

Soon it was 23:40, we went down to lvl2 cineplex to discover..7-11 is closed! I thought its 24 hrs store..zzz

So we bought the LOUSY hotdog bread..its really lousy..dun buy GV's snacks.

The Guardian : 3.5/5 , cos the hero had to die..shit! But the movie had a nice pace, and some nice lookin guys..ok 4/5 den.

I don't like heros to die..they shld learn from Jacky Chan..he's the hero and he nv