PISSED to the MAX!

Tuesday, November 07, 2006 Posted by YY on 9:35 AM

This suayness has been surrounding me since friday upon meeting beng for movies..
Beng pls take back the suayness now~

Got damn pissed of eye-R-aye-ass and registry of companies..*** make me so mad!

Now another mail comes along to piss me off, this bloody tester called Yong Kwok Ming. *******
Notice the vugular language is now in ***, yah cos beng say my blog vugular wor.. *hurmph*
It wasnt mean to be kiddy friendly u know -.-

And anyway, this idiotic moron went to send an email to my boss, his boss, my team leader to say he faces MULTIPLE problems in testing, so my boss send me email ask me to WORK EXTRA HARD to solve his problems so he can continue testing.

*** lah, my boss duno is stupid or ignorant or what ****, she cannot see that the problems encountered by the tester is NOT UNDER ME meh? My boss knows what thing is under me, whats not..ask me work extra hard for ****. I also cannot solve it mah, must be those in charge den can help the stupid moronic idiot tester.

I hate this guy! I hate it when he comes here and talk talk talk..

I wanna leave this ****ing idiot place..away from these moron(s). Makes me sooooo mad!