Den wtf are u here for?

Thursday, November 09, 2006 Posted by YY on 8:47 AM

From boss:

"yy, you need to constantly follow-up for those defects under your charge. This defect was raised since 16 Oct."

O yea? My charge? What u mean?
Den wtf are u here for? O wait, dun tell me I ain't interested to know..really~
Fyi, this boss knows who this defect has been assigned to, and she jolly well knows who the hell is in charge of doing that part of the program. Then why issit under my charge? Becos i m in charge of the process? Den why she is needed at all here in the first place? If I were to chase these people ard, what about my own stuff?

Den why's she here?
To go jogging with her pets after work?
Or is it to celebrate her birthday with her pets?
Or is it to WALI ? *WALI = walk ard and look important*
Or to play tennis/badminton with her boss after work?


And her pet aka Company Irritant No.1 , actually had the audacity to pass me the task assigned to her at first. I was supposed to clear HER SHIT..

And guess what I rarely even saw her name inside the list for the new tasks scheduled in sept (due in nov) fact no one knows what her pets' duties are inside the new tasks scheduled.

And my freaking name appeared 4 times! Brillant!
See the conspiracy ?

U may say I m sensitive over this issues, but i seriously do not think so.

Here's an article, which is so darn true~