A suay week

Sunday, November 12, 2006 Posted by YY on 1:27 PM

After my last movie with beng on 3rd Nov, i discovered his suayness has been passed to me!

As you read from this week's posts, I have several irritating encounters with boss..Just 5 minutes ago, she smsed me..RIGHT ON A SUNDAY NOON with this :

"Hi, loads of defects were raised yesterday. Pls work on them and give me an update. Thanks.
-xxx(Boss's name) "

Irritating piece of shit !!!

Ok back to this friday, beng, ks, wu, me went for movies at Vivocity again~ This time we decided to spend $9.50 each to secure a tkt for "The Prestige" and book online. Money is well spent this time, I rate this movie 4.5 / 5. Nice plot and all~

Before the movies, we went to Toa Payoh for dinner and had some fish and chips that beng recommended was GD...
$4.50 for one slice of fried fish, tasteless coleslaw, fries was sooo expensive!
The fish indeed taste pretty good, but heck its so ex~

After tt we went for dessert at this newly opened shop. $2.50 per dessert..hmm..nt vv cheap eh..and they serve little variety..ok maybe they are new la.
The lady boss came to talk to us ..she told us the rent there is 12k per mth..so she cannot afford give us discount >.>

Friday was really a suay day cos i lost my entire wallet..dun ask me why..cos i dropped it on the floor while changing seats at the hawker centre..and 5mins later i realised, someone said they saw an auntie took it away

U AUNTIE! U better mail me back the cards, they freaking cost alot to replace..fook!

I think I need this seriously, no joke. My sis bought this from Comic Connections at $4..so i grabbed it for a pic..hehe =)