Smth strange...

Monday, November 13, 2006 Posted by YY on 11:54 AM

I was walking to office this morning in a bad mood cos its monday and regd the damn sms yesterday...

When suddenly someone say "hey!"..looked to my left..oo its the malay guy tt i see when i feed cats. He starts talking abt some stuff...* i m glad he didnt say that aye its a nice weather today -.- *

Went to our respective offices, at 9am i went to feed kitty..kitty was hungry today, i guess she recovered from her "fever" last week.

Then the malay guy came out from the backdoor..and smiled at me..
I got uneasy when he talked to me last time about smth funny...

He talked talked talked..and ask about " U have a bf?"
o.0 "Eh yeah..." quickly exits back to office to hide...zzz

This morning..he was talking to his collegue and he saw my hp got m1 he asked," u also m1?" Me, "yah..."

Then he suddenly said," whats ur phone number?"..I nv answer and went inside to wash my hands..i was thinking m not giving him my number..for what???

So i went back to pat my cat..and he was still there..i tot he got my hint abt not answering his qns just now..apparently he didnt and he asked me the same qns ," Can i have ur phone number?" And I answered,"Ah for need bah..."

Embarassing man... one asked my number before ok? *shit* i know i m not popular.. *hurmph*