Sequel After 怪叔叔 :怪弟弟

Thursday, November 02, 2006 Posted by YY on 5:17 PM

It was a light blue wednesday, feeling so stoned from sleeping at 2am plus yesterday nite.
Went to the dou hua stall, saw this guy sitting at the table having breakfast...thought to myself.."Isnt that the guy whom i see sometimes while feeding cats.." Nvm dismisses the thoughts...

Bought my dou hua, waits for bus..somehow i feel he might come and talk to me..since he attempted to in the last 3 times i "saw" him. So i loitered around bus no.38 and strolled towards no. 608 so he wont see me..

But alas, he did see me and tapped me on the shoulder and said," Hey! You don't remember me ar?"

Me: " Yah i remember...." -.-
Him: " Orh i thought u dun.."
Me: *Smile awkwardly*
Him: " You dun rear cats at home?"
Me: " Eh nope, parents dun allow...blah blah blah" *Freak..he asked me this qns everytime he sees me*
Him: " Eh u from Nanyang Poly ar? " *Points to my ezlink card*
Me: " No la..issued by NTU one.. So u are poly batch one or? No nid to do NS?"
Him: "O, me contract worker under xxx japan company, finished ITE and den done NS and come work here lor as driver den promote to Engr"
Me: "Oooo >.>"
Him: " Where u live?"
Me: " BB lor.."
Him: " Wah so far ar...blah blah blah"
Me: *wishes for bus 38 to come ASAP!*

Bus finally came, he sat down beside me.... =.= And continue to blah blah blah~ I was feeling weird..cos i only met him like thrice and he's at close proximity.

Finally we reached! And he asked, "Usually u lunch alone?"
Me: " Eh~ no eat with collegues at xxxx"
Him: " Oo..wanna join me and collegues for lunch? we have van, drive out eat"
Me: " Ahh no nid la..schedule tight think nid to lunch in often lo..."
*Zzzz i duno him well..want me sit in car and go lunch..eeee*
*Marches quickly to office...*

Me: " K i reach office le..cya~"

Feeling scary, cos he reminds me of CK!!! Eeeeeeeee....if u duno who's ck..wait till i got time i tell u what happen..zzzz