Wkend Dinner at Marriott Hotel 万豪轩

Thursday, November 02, 2006 Posted by YY on 4:55 PM

It was 3rd sis's bdae, since we had $100 vouchers for Marriott Hotel, we decided to try out this restaurant inside Marriott, called 万豪轩.

The entrance looks zen eh? lol..

One of the first dishes, 碳烧烧肉. All after this were not taken, cos they ate it before i cld take pictures..=.='

The soft lighting and ambience was pretty good...

But! The food had too much msg, the bill was freaking S$220..after voucher set off..= $120..eek
And it was salty..and gave me a tummy ache after tt..==> 3/5, 3 pts for making full use of MSG.
Lousy chef..won't visit if there's no voucher. Bah

After that, we went for a stroll at Taka area. It has been 10+ yrs since we walked as a family down orchard road. Mum said she used to bring us to CK Tang to buy new yr clothes when we were young..but i cant rem XD , i only rem marine parade's arcade, outram 's OG Toy's Dept.. hehe ~

At Taka basement foodcourt , saw this Four Season's Durian stall, $1.50 for this durian pancake. Its YUMMY! Quite ok price la..though nt say cheap. The pancake is crispy..the durian..eh..so~so la..but its real durian meat according to them.


Comment by patpat on 6:50 PM

I will be sure to try out the durian pancake !