Just when i thought its gonna be a boring week...

Thursday, November 02, 2006 Posted by YY on 4:32 PM

Just when i though this week is gonna be boring..5pm+ came this ridiculous email from the overall in charge, nicknamed moustachy.

He fwded all of us this email with an excel file with everyone's card tapping time on the entrance sensor. He said we are ALWAYS LATE for work!
Wtf? Not everyone taps their cards when they come into office, cos the door might be already opened by someone else. And they actually used this as a rubbish gauge..

What makes me pissed u say? Earlier on they actually had an email saying for easy headcount during emergency incidents (think terrorist attack -.-), we should all tap our cards when we come to office to indicate we are present in office.

No that's not purpose, they actually used this timing to gauge if we are on time for work..

The email tt moustachy fwded had a HR dept email attached to it..makes my blood boil further -.-

Quote moustachy:
"I hope we do not have persistent latecomers as I do not wish to solicit reasons from you all when I see the Nov 06 report."

Quote frm HR:
The attached file lists the people in your dept who have been reporting for work later than 8:30am. ......... The persistent latecomers would become fairly obvious with the reports that we will be sending you on a regular basis. We wish to emphasize that this matter has to be handled with care and discretion as we do not want to affect staff morale. "

AH HA! Discreation...but moustachy fwd the entire msg to all of us..how discrete is this?

Being pissed off with these idiots, we 3 decided to withdraw from DND..i dun wanna see these bloody pple appearing in front of me with their fake smiles and all.

Fiak off~