Boss VS YY Saga

Tuesday, November 28, 2006 Posted by YY on 9:02 AM

It all started with my mc of 1.5days on 16th, and the idiotic moronic tester, and my boss and the stupid program I am 'in charge' of...

Email 1 21/11/2006 from boss:

as I've mentioned before, please take ownership and follow-up on the defects on *ur process*. *teamlead* and I cannot be always bugging after you to solve the defects. I know *ur process* may be a big process, but I do not see you putting in the extra effort and initiative effort to get these done.I do not wish to have to 'force' you to do OT to get your work done, we are all professionals and should be doing our due diligence.

Have you also finished ALL your *another process* construction? *yet another process*?

I want to have a face-to-face meeting with you to discuss all these. I will come back some time this week to meet you.


* xxxx * is replaced to "protect" the identity of this shietty company..lmao
See the email liao, I SBDL..somemore I was using vpn to do some work when i was on MC..and she send me this SHIT! I TRIED to rationally draft a reply..
Sent to bibi...and den~

Email Reply Draft 1 from YY:

Perhaps we have got different working styles to start with.

It is unknown to me on the way things work here for defects is to update daily progress and to constantly bug collegues on their progress on defects, what I perceived was updating the status of defects by updating the pieces of papers passed around from time to time.

Thus I am now in the process of learning to be taking initiative in approaching fellow collegues for their defects updates.

The urgency and deadline of the defects was known to me after you called me on friday
17/11/2006 at around 7pm. Upon your request, I have used vpn to work on the defects through the weekend. My personal perspective of extra effort did not include OT, as on several occasions OTs have been wasted trying to resolve some errors which was due to other collegues making changes without informing the rest. My personal preference would be using vpn to work.

Major problems for *process name* defects faced is trying to get *collegue's name* to help in *technical terms* errors, as he is going in and out of office since
user test started. On my side, the main problem is catering for scenarios which has been just decided upon.

Due to having little knowledge about java and domain knowledge on this project, I rely alot on support from fellow collegues for methods and how-to-do thus I
do take much longer time on solving defects and implementing new stuff to cater for new scenarios.

Right now there is many new issues to resolve and I certainly require much time to understand and work around.

Thank you for your understanding.

As for the meeting, please let me know the time,venue and date.

A helpful collegue said my email was too confrontational and unlike a female he amended my approach and I sent the final copy below..sounds like a SICK LAMB i tell u...

Email 2 from YY to boss :

I apologise that I didnt update you on the defects progress frequently as you preferred, as all along I thought I just needed to update the pieces of paper being passed around. This is because I am not used to such a protocol as it is the first time I am working here. I will talk to *team lead name* about it and ensure I'm informed on how things are done. Therefore I am now in the process of learning to be taking initiative in approaching fellow collegues for their defects updates.

I am aware of the urgency of the defect solving upon your call last friday, but I apologise if I was slow to respond last weekend as I was feeling quite terrible and was on MC. I believe you have high expectations of everyone in *team name* and that I may not have done as much as some, but I have commitments at home, hence I try not to OT unless it is necessary. Normally I will do my work by VPN instead of staying in the office.

Regarding the *process name* progress, due to some new requirements,I am currently working on a new controller that has taken up most of my time for the past few days over other defects. I did not think it was important to update you on this as I have already told *team lead name* about it via phone calls.

The progress is not as fast as I want it to be. One reason is that I am not as proficient in the coding as I hope to be and need much support from other collegues on implementation issues, the other is because *another collegue's name* has some vital parts that needs to be resolved along with mine.

I hope you can understand my problems and the fact that I am keen on finishing my parts. Your advice and criticism is welcomed and I look forward to the meeting.

Thank you for your understanding.


Reply from Boss, Email 3 :

Hi *my name*,

I note and accept your explanation.

As I have mentioned during the interview, it is not going to be easy working in *the moronic project name*, simply because it is an over-run project, thus everything is crucial and urgent, and needs to be done almost immediately. Loads of extra time and effort will be expected to be put in. I have no issue with you working from home. In fact, it is not my style to make my people do OT for the sake of doing OT. I will go by deliverables. When things need to be done by a certain date, I expect each of us to put in the effort to make it happen. In cases when this cannot be done, I always advocate for staff to tell me early, so that we can find a solution together, and not wait till the 11th hour. So while you update *team lead name* and through the pieces of paper, I would also like you to come and talk to me. This is so that I know what is happening / progressing / not progressing.

Everyone of us has personal / family commitment out of office, I do not expect you to 'sell' yourself to *lousy company name* , so if you have any issues, please do come and discuss with me. We will work out a solution together. I cannot accept my staff 'disappearing' without informing me or updating me on the progress of tasks assigned. Take for example last Friday, we had a prior arrangement to meet, but you went on MC without telling me. You did not even reply to my sms. This is a behavior that I cannot accept. Even if you have informed *team lead name*, you should also let me know personally.

Moving forward, I've seen the updates from you these few days. This is good. Keep it up.

One more thing to add: Please try to mingle and talk (not only vis msn) to the team more often. Try to have more human interaction with people around you.

Zzzz what does she mean about human interaction? Bah? I got talk to them what..only when U (<- boss)are not around. I not like those HUA DAN x3 always know how to wayang ok...As for disappearance..o well..i know perfectly what to tell her..its the truth what I dun have her blah dee number..

From YY to boss , Email 4:

Hi *boss name*,

I think there is a need to clarify some matters regarding the 'disappearance' last thursday. I had arrived in office and felt very sick in the stomach, and was going in and out of the toilet since 8.30am. Therefore I missed the first meeting on that morning, and at the subsequent meeting at 11am plus, I left half way as my stomach was churning. While I was still in the toilet, I was informed by jonathan that the meeting had ended, feeling terrible I decided to visit the doctor straightaway to get an MC.

Upon returning to the office from the toilet, I realised the others had left for lunch except *team lead name*, so I informed her that I would be going to the doctor to get MC.
While I was at the doctor at 2pm plus, I got an sms from an unknown number, thinking it was from a collegue I decided to sms *team lead name* again to confirm that I am at the doctor in process of getting an MC. I apologise on the assumption that *team lead name* would have informed you about my whereabouts, and secondly I had lost most phone numbers after upgrading my handphone SIM card to 3G SIM card. But not to worry, I have gotten your number again from *team lead name*.

As for human interaction, personally I feel some coding queries are better communicated via MSN thus I use MSN frequently. Whereas some queries would be clarified easier with a face to face talk, I would take the initiative to do so. Lunching together has enabled me to gel better with fellow collegues too over the months.

Hopefully this email will prevent further misunderstanding.


End of email conversatino although she says she will meet me to talk, when she meet den I update i go feed kitty first