What do you live for?

Sunday, November 26, 2006 Posted by YY on 10:49 PM

What do I live for?

I live to spend time with my loved ones, family, frens.
I live to enjoy what I love to do, which is definitely not 赛里死。

I live to enjoy the sunshine,
feel the wind,
enjoy delicious food,
feed kitty *although she is a proud cat, I can feel her closer to me everyday*

Suddenly one day, you realise you are going to be 30 yrs old but you have nothing to your name,
nothing to dream about, nothing to live for...

Everyday you come to the office, put on your fake smile, equip your highest defence armour *to prepare for backstabbing and arrows flying in your direction*, wear your highest attack weapon *emails shootout : outlook express*

Before you know it, on your death bed, you think about what have you done in your entire life..
You start to regret all the OTs you done, you think about what you own ...
And you quickly close your eyes, hoping for life to end sooner..because you never own anything,
you only owe....

Boo~ I dun want to be an employee all my life..I wanna do my own biz..I wanna earn my own money, it may not turn out to be a BIG business..but I can say I have enjoyed the process and outcome no matter how it turns out. I wouldn't wonder at my twilight light years, "what if i had..." "WHAT IF..." , at least I tried.

Some say they want to be an employee, get their pay cheques every mth..worry about nothing, isn't that good, they say? But have you ever heard of an employee getting richer than the employer? I am sure there isn't any, else the employee wld have ended up in ICAC liao.