Genting Part II

Wednesday, July 04, 2007 Posted by YY on 12:04 AM

Went genting during last wkend. This time its peak season, we decided to take a risk of bookin hotel when we reach there. So coach was with Five Stars Travel.

Set Off Time: 2130
Total Head count: 7

Got on coach, all's fine except some roaches crawling ard..-.-'
Reached customs, officer in msia says,"Pls change ur photo"
0.o? I tot two month ago no one said anything about changing photo..i grew old over 2 mths ar???

Got back on coach, suddenly driver zham brake..zzz i was too tired to care..
In the coach, I had a dream. I dreamt I was feeling like chillis was rubbed into my eye, so I took my contact lens out to wash. I was washing this lens what was as big as a pond -_-'

Suddenly I awoken to find that.. my left eye was burning cos the lens was out of place from me leaning on bibi's arm to sleep. Zzz talk about dreams are opposite from reality? eye was burning..its true. LOL~

After tt bo liao dream *waste of my brain juice*, I fell asleep..At 4am++, bibi said,"Wake up, we are reaching soon.."
Me : *dreamy eyes* How long more?
Bibi: 22km
Me: Orh...*slumps into seat again*

The next thing I knew, we arrived @ Genting at 6.18am

The other time we took coach at 12.30am, reached at 6.40am. This time took at 930pm, reach at I duno why this driver so slow..22km take 2hr?
Heard from those who were awake that the coach could hardly climb the height with that amount of weight.

And further more, this bus is NOT FROM Five Stars one lor. Give us lao ya stuff..rem DUN BOOK 5 STARS!

So we checked in lugagge and was informed that there are NO ROOMS left @ First world. Ok fine. Soon after, they went to gamble, while i snoop ard the non smoking area.

At 12noon plus, I was irritated by the fact that we have NO ROOM TO REST IN yet..So bibi took the sulky me along with wu to Genting Hotel.

Wee~ Nice view from hotel..costs RM 335, it somehow better be nice zzzz~
I love my K800i..

Inside the hotel room..I was hesitating to take pics..i scared smth blurry turns out in the pic how....? But they had bad common sense to put the mirror in front of the bed, seriously.

Room service is not here yet, so we went for lunch at this place called " AUTHENTIC HAWKER FOOD" Sounds vv corny eh.. =.='

And one plate of wanton mee costs Rm12++........ T_T Come Genting ar, make me feel carroty -.- But nvm, it tastes nice. ^^ *no more substandard dim sum @ hao you ji ..which i had at in the morning*

Since we were losing $, we decided to eat CLAYPOT, those pan dan pple feel claypot means lose all, so they dun eat. Since we already lose liao, we bo chap..order claypot mee!

Went back to hotel, bathed and snooze..omg its evening le. But ong and company MIA, cannot find them thru phone. As the Ong gang had no auto roaming, bibi lend ong his phone. We were speculating that ong must have pawned bibi's K800i. LOL~

Went to this place called Hainanese Kitchen or smth, supposed to be Hainanese stuff la.

*** so lousy, the rice NO TASTE! Later colleague K told me, it must be vietnam rice -.-'

Poor presentationg..blah blah blah. I m a dissatisfied customer =.='

Total bill is Rm62+ some more. Eat at authentic hawker only RM52..eeeeeee~

Went to gamble abit but as usual, lose leh..Tot eat claypot liao can revive..zzz~

So we went back and watch SG vs Aus at Astro Channel. After that, we went down to "The Bakery" to eat supper at 1am+

Night view taken from the cafe, we had our meal outside with natural aircon. Perhaps the boredom got into me, I suggested see who can stand outside longest in short sleeves/shirtless and prolly we shld all 3 (wu, bibi, me) get a ice cream cone and start eating it in the cold night while pedestrains stare at us. >.>

Night view from hotel room

While we were thinkin about what to eat, and wu was lookin for cheese cake..I saw this. YES! This is what we need, A TURNOVER! So i ask bibi to eat this while I get mexico bread, wu got danish pastry.

Al fresco dining in natural aircon rox!