Nirai - Kanai - 冲绳食堂

Saturday, July 07, 2007 Posted by YY on 2:04 PM

Was supposed to give dad a treat *i forgot the reason..or maybe there wasn't any in the 1st place -_-* Tio scam..tio scam >.>

Colleague K recommended this restaurant that serves Okinawan Cuisine.
Here's the name card. If you notice, they open in the evening ONLY on weekdays (incl friday) and from Sunday to Thur they open for abt 5 hours in the evening only!

Dam slack leh.. >.> Please make reservations if you wanna dine there, as we arrived with reservation we got a table.

19, Tanglin Road
#04-05 Tanglin Shopping Centre

Its around the stretch btwn tanglin mall and forum shopping centre, before the manchester united shop.

We were "assigned" to sit in the main hall facing the main entrance, inside where you can see the chefs cookin noodles and stuff was occupied by Japs already.

Whats this? Chilli padi soaked in white liquid. Of cos the curious me tasted it. It tastes like cut chillis in soya sauce except this is white colored alcohol. Abit bitter, but definitely spicy. Quite nice to put with fish, noodles and grilled sotong.

Food was not taken becos their presentation was more of home style, nothing fanciful. A fish is just a fish on the plate. As time passes, the whole restaurant begun to fill quickly with japanese and only our table was singaporeans -_-' I was beginning to think I was in japan.

And most tables ordered beer, alcohol..ours was the most low budget table LOL~ One japanese even came with suitcases, like hejust came from changi airport >.<>

Of all stuff we ordered, most impressionable was the pork belly. Cos it melts in ur mouth *nt in ur hands of course* I actually ate the entire 3 layer of pork + fat ..YUMMY~

The fried Soba was not bad, but it didn't score very high points with dad either. Grilled sotong..I think i preferred chilli beng ang sotong, this version is purely grilled with brown sweet sauce.

Fried fish was Panfried Groupa in butter, $16.60 for 1 fish , quite big is worth it.

Fried rice was great too, unagi with egg fried rice is actually like our prawn fried rice, except its with unagi pieces and egg and its tasty!

I realised they counted one glass of orange juice lesser -> discount ^^

But i ordered prok belly noodles and it nv came...aww~