The unreasonable fiaking bastard customer in Essential Brews

Tuesday, July 10, 2007 Posted by YY on 12:00 AM

Just today my sis met with an unreasonable customer. Yes I know Singapore service standard is already POOR..BUT..paying for an item DOES NOT make you a KING or anyone that can use harsh words to insult another individual.

This was what happened:

First he ordered 3 flavours of ice cream, tog with his wife/gf, den my sis was scooping it
but took quite long cos one of the flavours was quite soft, cannot make into a ball to put on cone.
So~ the customer got impatient, and before my sis cld ask him if he wanna change flavour
he SHOUTED so loud, everyone in the restaurant cld hear.
Bastard : "Why is it you are taking so long? Whats so hard about it!"

* Boss comes over attempted to ask whats going on *

Bastard: "DUN EXPLAIN, dun make me SCOLD ANOTHER ONE! I cannot STAND HER FACE....blah blah blah..."
Boss : " How about get another person to serve?"
Bastard: "NO! I want HER TO SERVE ME!"
*Sis quickly scoops and handover the ice cream*
Bastard: "Dun explain just say SORRY!"

Then he took over the ice cream, and told the whoever gf/wife to EAT!

This customer damn bastard..from this I derived a way...
"When pple are nasty to u, SMILE even more to make them DL "

SMILE, and you will be providing good service while he get dui for not being able to vent his anger on you ^^