The radioactive warzone

Friday, July 13, 2007 Posted by YY on 10:15 PM

Just yesterday evening, I got a call from mum saying that,"Your sister caught chicken pox!"

O fiak ..omgomgomgomgomg~~~ All of us (sisters) never got this before.

Straight after work I went to the nearest clinic for vaccination. I was waiting outside and reading the posters on vaccination for Flu, Cervical cancer, Hep A, Hep B.. I suddenly just thought of getting all these vaccinations all at one go. Bring it on!

Waited and entered..saw this female doctor whose eyes was as big as goh li (marble).

She asked me,"What's wrong with you?"

Me: "I nid to be vaccinated against chicken pox"

Doc: "Have you been in contact with any chicken pox patient?"

Me: "My sis just had spots this morning...-______-''' "

Doc: "Then I cannot give you the vaccination! Because we had one patient who was hospitalised becos he went to take the vaccine w/o telling the doctor that his niece whom had chicken pox was in contact with him before that. "

Doc: "Then his chicken pox was HORRIBLE *open her goh li eyes wider* "
Doc: "EVERY inch of his skin was chicken pox and he was SCARRED FOR LIFE..and he kept blaming his nieces and newphews for the disease until we found out why.."
Me: *I dun want to be scarred for life T__T *
Me: " Ok, ok den I don't take the vaccine.."
Doc: *Keeps repeating the same old granny story >.< *
Doc: "Run away from your sis if you can!"
Me: "YES i m trying to >.>"

Exits from doctor room feeling dejected..i only wanna scold *** (fill in with b,c,f,k,n,t,p,w)
Nurse says no nid to pay wor, we bill your company WEE~

I think i would bettermove away from home man..i dun want to look like planet moon -.-' with craters all over me T_T

So i decided to move to bibi's hse and at 11+pm, we took a drive back to my house.
Danger is lurking everywhere and I felt that i needed a space suit to step into this radioactive zone ..=.='

So i bolted into the house covering my nose with my tee. "Hello papa.~" And dashes for my room..but to go to my room, i nid to pass by my sick sis's room..shiet! This disease is air borne..zzz~

Closed my room door and packed like I was going to "走楼" (in cantonese means runaway, escape). Stuffed my back with whatever I can find..shiet some stuff cannot find/nt dried yet cannot bring away.zzzzzzzzzzzzz~

Then I bolted out of the room, at the door i covered my nose with the tee and said,"Bye bye papa~" Dad being disgusted with me replied,"You got so scared mah???!!!"

Hehe~ and i locked the door and took the lift downstairs.

Right now, I have 2 weeks of life left for one knows what is gonna happen in the next 14 - 21 days.....NOOOooooo~~