First Dinner Treat : Gyu Kaku 16/07/07

Sunday, August 05, 2007 Posted by YY on 11:18 PM

This japanese bbq is located in Chijmes. What are we here for?
Answer is Wagyu Beef, which costs $65 per plate >.<

Before the charcoal was put in

I wonder why is it in purple..this camera doesnt capture the orange flames..o.0

Utensils >.>

Very yummy sesame cream salad..very nice!

The main highlight of the day: Wagyu Beef

Pork Jaws

Salmon, K says to cook juicy meats, you should sear the sides to prevent the loss of juices.

Pumpkin, which i rarely ate but have nothing against them though.

Following pics are all about cooking in progress..color nice cannot be helped la..must take more pics -.-'

Nice buttery mushrooms..i love fungi

Pieces of Wagyu Beef in the cooking~

Lamb chop

This is the char bor way of cooking pumpkin *cook also must have pattern*

Tar por way -> bo chap just put on the grill and cook la

Heard from Kevin that Plum wine is i order a plum wine with soda..drank just ONLY 1/3 of it..and then~

My face and ears turned RED -.-' Lousy threshold for alcohol

Look here for address, prices .


Food - 8/10

Ambience - 8/10