My Last Last Last update on Ex team *probably not*

Monday, February 05, 2007 Posted by YY on 3:41 PM


Encountered this guai shopkeeper last last week when i went shopping at Bugis.
I went into this shop and there was a group of schoolgirls waiting for try on their clothes, then this shop keeper uncle came along and said, " 你们是学生不可以穿这么低, 这么短~~"
There I was in the changing room, trying my best not to burst out laughing. XD
Then one of the salesgirl was missing from the store because she went out to buy smth w/o telling the uncle. So this uncle went around the shop, niam niam niam~ “为什么她这个时候出去, 那么久还没有回来!。。。。”

The salesgirl finally returned and the uncle said out loud, "今天很多学生, 你们要小心! 她们是学生不可以穿这么低, 这么短。。。不要给他们try..."

One salesgirl was trying so hard to hold her laughter..muahahaha

This uncle really -_-'''


I suddenly recalled this incident that happened last wednesday. Its my last day in the shiet hole, so i went to secret recipes to get this favourite cake of mine : Chocolate Banana Cake. Its huge and costs $45 (last time its more expensive) for the entire cake. I was planning to treat everyone in my team except the 3 pets and that stupid boss.

So one cake is enough. Thank you to Michael for driving me there to collect the cake.
So we brought the cake back after lunch and we see no pets and boss around. At 1.45pm, we quickly cut the cake up into 12/13 pieces, everyone complained they were too full from lunch. But i stuffed it down their throat anyway XD

Some shared their cakes so there were leftovers. As Collegue F was helping me to pack the cake up into the box. The 3 pets returned from lunch and Pet No. 1 looked at me, *i was holding the niceee chocolate cake with cream over my lips* , I walked past her smiling and biting into the creamy cake *shiok i tell u* . Then I followed collegue F into the pantry to keep the remaining 1 slice of cake into the fridge.

I would rather smash the cake into the irritating tester Kwok Ming, than to give it to the pets actually. Anyway I actually wanted to wait till they come in and offer the cake to everyone except them. Or cut up the cake for everyone and leave the box there either empty or 1 slice there, show them that I am leaving 1 slice for the 4 of em' *them = pets + boss* Muahaha somethings shld be done obvious!

Anyway Jon say dun too obvious so we kept the cake in the fridge and the 3 of us went to munch it up at 4pm :P