I had enuff of the ugly fashion stuff in Singapore!

Sunday, February 04, 2007 Posted by YY on 11:14 AM

Went bugis on friday, disgusting fashion..there wasn't even anything close to nice..What do I mean by nice.. well recently i went to this store in Yahoo Taiwan Auctions and I saw this..wow~

I combed the usual hip jap/korean shopping areas, none came close to these -___-

If not for Chinese New Year, I won't buy those ugly stuff in SG. EEEEEEEEEeeeeeee!

So right now, i m frantically trying to contact them to buy their clothings so I won't be so erm..dissatisfied when i see these stuff and can't get my hands on them -_-''

O btw I have left the shietty s hole department. My new dept/ project is totally new..however the team mates there are all black..hmm..its seems they have their lunch clique already, won't be easy to inflitrate in.

My last update on those 3 pets, cos I won't get their news as frequently now >.>

Last heard, another collegue (collegue F) got DL abt them. Because last friday when she was feeling sick,

she told Pet No. 1 , "I feeling sick cannot go for meeting"

Pet No. 1: "Then u go see doctor and come back meeting then"

Collegue F told us she was feeling damn DL, what does Pet No.1 think she is? Wat authority she have?

Then collegue F got irritated by the pets(2 of em') again on Monday because they told her since the last Friday's meeting was halfway through, she need to go down again today.

So she went down and discovered that the pets went to promise something to the customer without informing the other collegues(who is supposed to do the job) their dicussion/decisions.

Collegue F was so disgusted she immediately told the pets,"How can you promise smth to the user w/o discussing with College D and M!"

Pet No. 2 replied,"Then u call office and ask collegue D and M to come down to *customer site* by 11am lor"

Collegue F: "They are busy in the office you know, ask them come down just for meeting its a waste of time."

Feeling SBDL, collegue F came back to office and stormed right up to stupid Boss(now my ex-boss XD )

Collegue F:"Last time, I hear other collegues complaining about them *the pets*, but I have not experienced it myself. Now i know how they feel. Whats that *name of pet no. 2* doing? Behaving so bossy down at customer site? Can you please get the right person to do the job? The xxx went to promise the customer xxx without consulting others...blah blah blah"

Collegue F:" *team name* is already lousy enough, please get the right pple to do the stuff! "

Wah! I salute her to go tell boss that, but anyway I know she knows MUCH MORE STUFF abt the project den boss does. This stupid boss, only know how to go marathon marathon to bootlick goodness knows who, how things are done also duno..si bey stupid!

*Boss if u read this, let me tell u, U ARE AN IDIOT! Duno what I still think you are good person at first, 4 mths later den see ur true colors*

Anyway, on my last day in that shietty dept I heard smth so dumb..we gathered in a small group and shared information >.>

Collegue 1:"I heard aishen told boss about the leave they take. It happens to fall on same day."

Me:"I tot no more leave to be taken? Why she send email say no more leave den now she can take leave?!"

Collegues in grp: *Nods head in unison*

Me:"Den i heard that aishen told boss, if Singapore win thailand tonite den they go thailand and watch the finals la, and den jio pet no.1 and pet no.2 go as well. Then they both laugh laugh laugh..."

Collegues in grp: *disgusted*

Wtf lor, you say cannot take leave until April, and you urself first to take leave and also wanna bring your pets go holiday ar...knn~ My team leader wanna take time off for 2hrs in the morning, need to ma chiam beg the boss like that..

*sorry this is becoming non kiddy friendly..lol*

Last I heard on thursday, another collegue complained about Pet No.1 but boss asked him to give instances and he readily gave her the reasons. And whether the boss is convinced anot, we don't really care.