Blading session 10/2/07

Sunday, February 11, 2007 Posted by YY on 11:46 PM

Went blading on saturday, it was such a cloudless hot afternoon.
I went for facial and went to take bus to meet bibi for dinner before blading.
While on bus, i saw someone WALKING HIS BABY! Normally pple walk their dogs, suddenly i see this parent with a LEASH on his baby.. LOL~

At East Coast Park, we got down at the cable ski bus stop as bibi wanted to see what was it all about. Omg it costs 30bucks / to play!? No wonder down there in the water are all ang mohs -.-

So we walked for 15mins -_- and i went to change into my blades while bibi carried my bag and his laptop(to use at macdonablds) . Thank u dear~

So i asked bibi to take a pic of me..Damn it! He took my fat ass, even fatter den it should be >=0
I scold him den he reply, "I am not professional photographer so the photos I take shows the ACTUAL thing =) "


Beng and frens joined us, but beng was blading slowly =.=' And thank you to beng's fren for giving us a lift to mrt.