Tiring Friday

Saturday, March 10, 2007 Posted by YY on 12:02 PM

Yesterday I just got another half day leave to "salvage" my career path again..but den~ it was not what I wanted to do..hmm and besides last week that govt. co. called me up to offer me a position..my mind's in chaos...

The only reason I wanted to stay in tt crap place is ??:

Before u say its a cat, and a non pure breed nor pretty one..its my kitty tt I known for near a year..and it follows me around whenever I go to visit it at the backdoor..I wish to bring it home or at least house it at a shelter so it won't be exposed to the elements of weather but its a stray that has enjoyed freedom since it was borned..how can I restrict its movements becos i love it..it might just jump down from my 14th storey flat if I keep it at home--〉 爱你变成害你..no birds to see, no other cats ard~ So kitty will stay and I shall retain my memories of her from the tonnes of videos and pics i taken :(

Another reason is prolly..cos I duno if the other gabbermen co. sux like the current one or worse -.-' , as we all know gabbermen co. got alot of crap..

I have up till monday to reply to the HR *sigh*

After my interview, I went in search for the cooking school..and damn it..i can get lost in SG..
I took a bus to that area..hmm didnt see it, went opposite the road take the same bus..got down wrong stop..took another bus..went to mrt station..walked thru spooky old SGH..hey where the hell is the cooking school..FINALLY i gave up and took a cab..i was wearing ultra high heels..shiet!

Got there..hmm looks pretty ok..but when i was about to pay $2600/- for the first step towards the dream of opening a cafe.. I stopped myself..

It seems impulsive that I have not tried enpugh recipes and I am taking a professional baking course. So I took a seat at their cafe next door, and looked thru the brochure..I shall hold my horses and wait till I think I am qualified enough to wear the chef's jacket.. *its a requirement to buy your own chef's jacket for the course* and must wear the chef's hat, apron which is included in course materials..now i think i will look damn hilarious in it..really~ no kidding a kid doning a chef's attire aint convincing u know~

So I left and set off to suntec to the IT show. On the way to the IT show, I bought a new pair of slippers becos..I CLDN'T walk any more! My feet is sore from wearing those heels whole day..so i wasted 30bucks at URS :(

Dad wanted portable HDD and I wanted to look at camcorders * as I wanna take videos..no more motion sickness from trying to focus..yay*
Bought a total of 2 thumbdrives and 1 portable HDD..i feel like i was printing money for a moment..lmao -.-'''

Went to Esplanade to eat...

Wondering whats with this chao kway tiao stall?? Why are they all wearing straw hats?? Whats with the hat..part of the uniform?

Dinner for 4..there's some that we cannot squeeze into the camera..XD

U are now looking at Hokkien Prawn Noodles and BBQ Chicken wings..fantastic wings..!