BlackListed Dim Sum Buffet: Miramar Hotel

Sunday, March 04, 2007 Posted by YY on 12:38 AM

Went to take leave on Friday to salvage my career path..before that, went to Miramar Hotel to have dim sum buffet...

I am blacklisting this damn place for as long as I can remember..
Firstly, we nearly wondered if we were invisible to the waiters/waitresses..none came to take orders for our dim sum ..all were attending to the tourist groups, mainly japanese.
We nearly wanted to ask.."Can we change place? So we can sit amongst the tourists and have more prompt service?"

Den came this ridiculous thing :

Huh? They have new kind of dumplings INSIDE got plastic bag remains one ar??

Apparently some chef managed to throw in this plastic bag freebie into my dumpling..luckily I never eat it down..saw it when i took one bite ..about 6cm long by 5cm wide CRAP!

When we highlighted when we asked for bill, the manager who looked like a small fry came along and took the plate away when we told him, "pls ask ur kitchen to pay more attention" and pointed to the dumpling.

And he came back in a soft voice saying, "Give you all a discount ok?" And he left hastily..

We opened the "book" and eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee...he give us $1 ++ discount...

*** $1 u might as well dun discount... @!*@^@%!$!

Forever in my blacklist now, and I will go around telling everyone ur bad stuff. Lousy dim sum buffet at Miramar hotel!