Another weekend flew past

Sunday, March 18, 2007 Posted by YY on 9:40 PM

Tmr is monday again, my wkend has ended ! on friday I took a mc *i cant be taking leave every friday zzz but its darn obvious to be absent at work for 3 consecutive fridays u know~* to sign myself to a new job.

The new job ain't exactly well paid or anything like that, but den~ I felt I had to leave this current co. somehow or rather..despite missing my kitty :'(


Went out at 1415..scared I would be late so I took a cab there..dunk~ It costs $8.20 T_T

Walked for 10mins to that lobby 1450, and waited and waited and waited till 1540..

*** one of the pple attending the briefing as well, went to call the HR personel in charge and eeee they say coming down now coming now..until 1540 den come lor -.-

Went up to the HR dept, and there were only 2 computers allowed for filling up the clearance form *all gabbermen co. requires this form*, there were 3 of us..

SO I WAS THE LAST and i waited and waited till the guy finished and i took over..and after tt those 2 go home sleep liao..I am still there waiting for the HR personel in charge of my contract to emerge..

FINALLY she came, and explain the contract and answer my queries..when I was done its 1750 LIAO! *** so much for efficiency -.-

Went to watch 300 at THE CATHAY with bibi,wu and beng, after all the DELAY SAGA at my new co. , so I arrived at 6+ and went to grab a bite at 满家乐 . Eek $3.80 for the instant noodles with seaweed and miso soup base..its ok la..wld have been better if its $3 -.-

And had 鸳鸯, which means coffee mix with milk tea

First time in Cinema 1, the couple seats come at normal price ^^ , beautiful deco and show starts right on time

My brain is still swirling..when shld I tender such that I can qualify for bonus if they do give me in the first place?