Mahjong Mahjong - Revenge of the YY

Monday, March 19, 2007 Posted by YY on 11:26 PM

Last saturday, we had mj session again. This time it started earlier at about 7.30pm. Guang guang aka GQ said, "The other 2 times 砍了你, 今天再来砍..."

If you do not already know, I have lost much in the previous 2 mj sessions..the prev time, I got cleaned out of my $40 bucks chips over 3 rounds..BOO!

So gq was expecting a great win on his side again...BUT! 风水轮流转 XD

This time i cleaned him out, total winnings after 3 rounds : $56 muahaha~

Let's see one of the more exciting and me were both playing 对对碰 it was a race to see who can win first..

I had 2 flowers of mine and 1 animal = 3 tai

Den gq threw a one circle, i pong and threw smth..and he ponged den he threw 2 wan and i ponged..den I threw smth and he pong this went on for awhile..bibi and gh became spectators in the game =.='

After i ponged 8 circles, I was waiting excitedly for the tile either 6 wan or 7 bamboos. GQ was getting frustrated becos I had zi mo some 5 tai/4 tai earlier on..and actually I wanted to go home after 2 rounds / supper..-->he cannot recuperate his losses

Den I zi mo 6 wan..WOOT~ come everyone pay $6.40 ^^

After 2 rounds, GQ lost almost all his chips..he was left with $1.80 from the original amount of $40. So he refused to let me go home after supper, he insist I come back to play one more round so he can win back. But no? He didnt recover and he still default payment, dun wanna pay up at the end..wanna kick me some more for winning so much -_-''

Bleah :p So many things to learn , he dun wan to learn..he learn from The Wongs. The Wongs are my other grp of mj time den update again bah.

Revenge was sweet! ~