I want my sanity

Tuesday, September 26, 2006 Posted by YY on 2:26 PM

I m feeling angry, unhappy, irritated~
I don't want to do this stupid fiaking test specs which is to be submitted to that bloody fiaking bitch . I m almost 99% sure that she's gonna reject it with some dumb bimbotic reasons.

Those bloody QAs are supposed to do it, and they say they cant test properly so they cant write and we PROGRAMMERS, have to
AND NOW, write test specs..

Wtf is this? Why the fiak do they employ QAs for? *** ***

And my module, was done already..only to discover more changes coming up and i have to change change change..FIAK U! How can i ever close case with all the changes? Don't u pple in a MNC PLAN BEFORE doing a project? U DUN plan as U GO ALONG, u know???
And u dare say u are a MNC, ur management SUX, AND u SUX!

I want my sanity over my salary BUT there's still 1 month notice to consider and BONUS..fook~

I wanna die~ :(