The Queen's Birthday

Monday, September 04, 2006 Posted by YY on 9:02 AM

Recently it was the Queen's birthday~
Of course as expected her trusted right hand and left hand man planned a "surprise" dinner celebration for her.

They bought a cheese cake that was already sliced into 16pcs from a secret cakeshop.

And then~ they sent invitations to a few "chosen ones" and NOT the whole team of subordinates. This is the wonderful part, some didn't even know about the celebration until someone spilled beans next day. *best~*

No wonder that evening, when i was about the head home at 6pm as usual...
神 stopped me and said " They never call u meh??"
Me: " No, call me for what?"
神: "Nvm nvm...u sure they nv call u?"
Me: "Yah.." *shrugs and rushes for my bus*

Next day during lunch, 神 said to us, "You all duno meh? Yesterday was the Queen's birthday. They got celebrate leh."
Most replies were "Issit?? Duno about it leh..Who org the celebration?"
神: "Those few lah.." and he continued to blah about some details of the "secret" celebration..

FAQs: *they = the left and right hand man*
1.) Why they did not invite the whole team?
2.) Why did they buy a cake that was already sliced into 16pcs?
3.) Why did they not invite some of their own subordinates?
4.) Why they wanna make the Queen look bad?

So these were the qns popping up during the after-lunch gossip..but frankly speaking it made the Queen look bad by not inviting everyone..Ok, so even if i was invited what happens? *Oh like i care*

It only proves you are 国王的人马. if u watched taiwanese drama before, 国王的人马 refers to a bunch of pple who SEEMS to have special powers because they are well acquainted to the ones holding real power in the office.

So next day, ASSUMING the Queen was she declared to the world that it was her birthday yesterday and she's treating all her subordinates to CREAM PUFFs.

O yes, thanks for that cream puff.Hope it did save you some face.