Freaking irritating kids with itchy hands/ adults and....

Sunday, September 03, 2006 Posted by YY on 6:36 PM

Here i m in mac @ west coast...some freaking irritating kids with itchy hands must touch my table whenever they pass by, wtf is up with them..u mean u nid to touch something whenever u walk across...And stop standing beside me peeking openly at my screen..nv seen a laptop in ur life or what? *or maybe they really didnt*
Buzz off now before i give u those killer instinct stares~

Dam irritating and it shakes my laptop..and those adults..are u so clumsy that u must knock into my table whenever you walk past? Can't u glide(walk) across gracefully?

Its not that i was never a kid..but i never did such irritating acts like peeking into pple's computer screens *or maybe there's none in the 1980s*..neither did i run amok in a crowded restaurant like mac as if i m an untamed monkey

And u non money earning kids, stop spending your parent's hard earned money on stupid games like maple story buying those virtual games stuff, it doesnt get your anywhere..u wld be better off buying some good food to stuff your mouth with.
Or better still, fatten up your piggy bank.

If you already started earning money, pls do not spend on such virtual stuff too, pls wake up from your freaking bloody dream!

Recently, boon told me there is a mega phone(in game cash item tt broadcasts msg to everyone in the game) festival whereby everyone in the guild will post a well wishing msg and its sponsored by sasa.

Omg sasa, keep those money in ur bank..or spend it on your gf/wife/family/pets(real life ones not in maple)/ some strays/ the needy in any part of this world

I can guarantee you that the joy u derive from spending money wisely on the above will return you much satisfaction than in the virtual world.

Imagine the amount you spent on prepaid cards each it up and buy your wife/gf smth nice like a pendant or a gd meal..u will find yourself in a lovey dovey mood again..why spend it on some damn virtual game??

If you got no life, then give money to the charity to do some gd deeds.

If you are a parent, pls check that your child has not starved himself to buy virtual items/ worse still took pocket money from you and buy in game money..
Imagine your parents are enduring attitudes from bosses at workplace and there you are..spending their hard earned money like water..I cry for your parents.

But if you say, ur parents are rich to the boot and u have all the money in the world then by all means spend all you like..what a bai jia zi~