Singapore VS China @ Singapore National Stadium

Thursday, September 07, 2006 Posted by YY on 12:50 PM

Singapore VS China in the Asian Cup Qualifier Match.
Its the last match at National Stadium as its gonna be teared down and rebuilt.

Yesterday me and bibi got free tickets from johnson *thanks johnson* as he cldn't make it *hehe*

We went after school/work and marched straight from Kallang MRT..omg walking to National Stadium with heels is not fun..And i felt like a POST-IT pad when i reach there..really sticky!

And wow, there was a crowd there...We bought an ice cream each..see the stalls selling ice cream below :

Then we walked into the Singapore spectators' stand...and there were many lost souls like the one featured here..waving his newspaper and asking his friend on hp, "can u see me???"

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Then the national athems was about to begin..and they brought the flags out for China and Singapore. Can you SPOT THE DIFFERENCE?

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Our flag was much much smaller as compared to the china flag. And then..china spectators had the sheltered gallery while we were exposed to the elements of weather -_- And we had didn't have any sound system on our side so we couldn't hear commentary/national athem/Anything! And the china side had it all..ok fine let's give our guests the better stuff =.=

Can you spot something? Look at the colors of the team..the RED one is NOT singapore team, singapore is wearing blue(on the right).I thought we are home team, therefore we shld be wearing red??? And the KAYU referee in the middle.

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At the 6th minute, something happened to China team's No.13. He rolled on the grass in extreme pain and the paramedics came over with a stretcher.

The referee reached into his pocket as if to pull out a yellow card..
The SG fans went BOOO!!!~

Then this dumb no.13 reached the sidelines and got off the stretcher and walked right into the field!

At every instant he touches the ball after this, all singapore fans went BOOOOOO~~!!!
And when the ball is kicked to SG team, fans go YAYYYY! It was so obvious~ lol

Below its the no.13 player *circled*

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A few jokers from china came by our Singapore stand trying to be of them carried
中国必胜 !And we went BOOOO!

The other one, carried a China flag and went pointing his thumb towards the floor saying, china rox and singapore SUX! As usual the boos went on, but this guy was getting too cocky..some Ah beng in black apparently challenged him for a fight or smth..*LMAO*

The match went by with some rare chances..and it was DRAW 0-0.

We were lucky to draw the match ^^