Saturday Dinner + Eski Bar

Monday, September 25, 2006 Posted by YY on 1:11 PM

Saturday 23th Sept, me bibi beng and wu met up again to go Eski Bar to finish our unfinished vodka..Before that we went for dinner at Raffles Place, and ended up at Lau Pa Sat.

Upon reaching Raffles Place MRT, my collegue saw and commented me and bibi..lookin like tourists -.-
we hadn't visited Raffles Place in such a long time that we forgot where the escalators were..and looked disorientated *hehe*

Surprisingly Lau Pa Sat had a stretch of road sealed up during the wkend for diners. Do you miss sitting in the open air having hawker food? You can relive that moment now at Lau Pa Sat during wkend / Esplanade hawker area..*but tt's more crowded and dark*

Further surprises were..the stretch of satay stalls, we sat down and they mobbed us. We actually wanted Fatman Satay..but anyway its Stall No.1 too far from us..Beng said he saw the satay stall owners fighting *literally FIGHT* for customers before.

They went around ordering food while i guard the table * read slack* Then we ordered:-
From top left hand : Cheng Teng, Chao Kway Tiao, Dua tao,
Middle: Hokkien Mee, chicken rice.

And next table *table too big to snap at one go*
From top: Kai Lan, dessert, Stingray , honey dew sago and satay~

Overall, the chao kway tiao can make it..satay..i think stall no.6 aint that fantastic.
Sting ray is boring..i think bibi's aunt makes nicer ones

After dinner, we strolled to eski bar got a nice seat. And fiak~ their soccer matches got no commentary again..Last mth they said cos the guy in charge was not here to link up the sound system..u mean 1 mth later its still UNDONE? Dam..

And the waitress came, she one blur *** we asked how much is the mixers..she HUH very long..we tell her mixers cos we have one vodka left here..Finally she understood-ed but duno the price. Run back to counter find mama, and came back with the menu..and forgot about our glasses..overall slow and blur =.= we remembered the guy last mth told us mixer got 30% off at happy hrs..this woman say DUN HAVE...LL we order 11bucks+ mixers x 3

Sry i m a free loader again though i offered to pay for offer was rejected ^^ =.=

I had all the 3 is still the best drink around~
Then we watched slient matches while beng's eyeballs fleeted around, w/o much discretion..i cld see his eyeballs shifting left right..following GALS

Ok its nuttin great, guys bio gals..beng called me a bian tai when i bio a girl and saw she was wearing black G String -.-'

We were given a feedback form from the blur waitress, and we filled in DISGREE, BAD
And the music SUX too..i think Holland V eski makes a better place.

Bibi filling up Wu's cup, while we played dai di..*SRY to all i made a blunder while playing cos i discovered i had an extra card when i tot it was last*

As usual, beng/wu got scammed into betting on which team will get yellow card first/no one get card. The one who guess correctly drinks~ Beng tio this time..LOL

At 11.30pm we decided to head home as vodka finished, match is sux