My first bowling competition

Monday, September 25, 2006 Posted by YY on 2:29 PM

On the same saturday i went to Eski, i had a bowling competition --> *** Company Bowling Tournament. Oh well, i wasnt trained/ liked playing bowling but Junming had not enuff members so i joined. *Chuckles * i was prepared to wash the drains..

Heng i nv get the most SPORTING TEAM --> the lowest score team had a prize at prize presentation. Ok my overall ranking was 50+, over near 60 FEMALE players.
But my team ranked 20th out of 36 , thanks to the 3rd Highest score playing aka our leader -->Junming. No wonder he wanna join, he so pro lol..

But hey, papa taught me, keep ur thumb in front of your nose str8 and throw..then it will be straight line. True enuff when i went there to play bowling first in 2-3 yrs , my first 5 balls was straight..after tt all went hey wire cos my arms HURT and my thumb!

But look , i got a strike too ^^ only 1 in 3 games LMAO~

See the last row, thats my row..see that X ???

When 3rd game (last game), Junming FINALLY got a TURKEY..yippee~ Grats he got some $10 vouchers fron marks and spencer..ETC

Ok fine, i know my score sux at 64pts..but hey~ a 8pounds bowling ball is darn heavy..
and my total in 3 games exceeded 100 ~ wee? Nuttin to be proud of i know....