Irritating Bitch!

Wednesday, September 20, 2006 Posted by YY on 9:38 AM

I do not like this irriating fiaking bitch that sent a email to my bosses or rather the entire team to complain about the file we compiled.

Ok this file is supposed to contain the changes we made to the project, be it user requirements or user interface. This bitch emailed us and complained about the quality of the amendments compiled.
She complained that :

1.) Screenshots taken too blur cannot see
Wtf? I can see u cannot, go check ur bloody eyes la!

2.) No explanation on why the fields changed position..
Please lah, how i know? I only follow this dam file sent by X, and make the changes and document it inside the amendments file. U think i know why its changed?

3.) Say we nv explain what fields is changed. Excuse me, i did my best to explain. If u cant read, there's nothing i can do k.

What a bitch, !&#@^#%@^@%~@*#&#!!!!!