Revived interest in mapling- The Zakum Quest

Monday, September 18, 2006 Posted by YY on 4:29 PM

Last weekend, I spent the saturday night doing Zakum quests 1 , 2 , 3. Stage 1 was a freaking 30 minutes quest whereby you had to find the 7 keys and 30 documents. And we did the quests friggin' 3 times before we managed to meet the deadline.

Next was stage 2, a jumping quest in 2 parts. I thought there was 1 only..when i finally completed it..i was jubilent..and then..there's part 2 which is freakin hard..
I have never focused so much in my life to just jump on rocks and hang on ropes.
Finally i did it, i nearly gave up and told bibi..just get me a godmode + fly hack to get across..but in the end i did it w/o hacking tools ^^ Sense of achievement *hehe*

Stage 3, zombie tooths..ah simple job we had 74 in inventory.

On sunday, i decided to gather my funds and buy pots..BUT FIAK! There's no one selling..finally found one and i bought him out..but i had insufficient pots still..
But i decided to go for zakum anyway..

Reached there..and started to look for a party but no one wans a LOUSY lvl 109 firemage T.T
So i waited and waited and finally got a party...the frigging 2 pple left inside killing the zakum took another 2hr+++ to kill the darn monster

And my screen suddenly went black! Nervous i shaked bibi who's sleeping ..and we watched..YAY I GOT INSIDE the zakum alter..FYI only 30pple allowed inside.
Then we waited for pple to party me..but none wanted me..and there was this knight called JOSEPHCHUA, he kept chasing me around the map calling me "Firemage, u go out la..let priests come in..FIREMAGE!" I kept running around and finally i hid behind one afk character.

To cut the long story short, someone managed to throw the Fireball out and the zakum SPAWNED~~~

Tombs started to rained, and by one logged out..leaving 3 of us and i quickly went out too. The last man standing inside, fought for another 10mins...

Meanwhile the rest of us stood at the portal spamming the button "UP" so we can enter later..
Finally i got in again..and this time i cldn't find a party too..wth!

And finally someone invited me, his nick was JOSEPHCHUA..LMAO
See la, in the end he had to invite me.
But things didnt go well, our cleric went off suddenly as she said she didnt have enuff pots..wth
Then that dumb josephchua disbanded the party and we were left to fend for ourselves..then more and more pple left..

I kept telling myself, HANG ON! Hang on..its dying..its dying..
Finally all the 8 arms were killed, and 1 dit died..during body 1. That was when i finally had a party..crap~ must someone die to gimme a place???

And we went on fighting body 1 and body 2...finally body 2 died..but 2 more pple perished.
Finally it was body 3, i had run out of pots due to the SAGA earlier on...spamming pots during that 5 arms had depleted my pots.

Finally we decided to opt out, i clicked the npc and i went out. I didnt die..but i felt like i run eyes,head,arms,fingers,legs,spine,neck felt so PAIN!

I had spent 2.5hrs staring at the computer screen trying to locate my character on it..-.-'''

Overall, it was pretty exciting and we are going in AGAIN! Thats next wkend of can i run the 24km again so soon...