Croissant Making Course - 22/8

Wednesday, August 22, 2007 Posted by YY on 11:33 PM

Went croissant making course after work on a Tuesday , heng not Monday else I would be feeling so blue..
Reached ultra early at 6.15pm..course started at about 7pm..zzzz~

There's no pics on the dough rolling, folding...what not ..BECOS...look at the utter chaos!

Rolling was the hardest part for the last stage before we leave the dough to proof and bake.

Being small sized, I got NO STRENGTH to roll the already frozen Judy taught us to use our forearm (area above elbow to wrist), to press down on the rolling pin and go...centre up~ centre down~so I pressed down and rolled and rolled..*alamak* next day my triceps hurt and the pressed down area on my arm got blue black..*weak* -____-'

The final product..TA DA! Croissants was one bread that K didnt want to attempt, well I am glad we went for this course. Croissants involves alot of freezing time, folding of dough and ROLLING of dough, so next time you pick up a croissant, appreciate the hard work behind it.

Although we were about the last to put our dough in to proof, we were the 1st to bake..strange isn't it? Btw, there was machines to flatten the final dough to 4mm so that we can shape it, but we used HANDS..bare hands..yah yah yah HANDMADE stuff..*handmade until blue black -.-''' *

K's croissants: U can practically count the layers...

This is called pain Au Chocolat, its done with 2 bars of chocolate in between.


Ok, let's now look at my croissants..hey it looks scrawny compared to K's =.=

I asked Judy and she said its prolly due to K having more even strength in rolling the dough and my dough might be too thin to puff up too...zzz~ *the one on top right is K's of the croissants are malnutrition looking..

Here's what K brings home..professional looking eh..*old wong sells cucumber, ownself sell ownself praise again liao lor*