Bread Making Lesson 2 ( 25/8 )

Sunday, August 26, 2007 Posted by YY on 12:48 AM

Lesson 2 today, see pork floss? Yes we are doing pork floss bread today man~

Utter chaos yet again >.<

This is the spinach + italian herb dough, with spicy tuna filling.

Close up~

Texture of the bread

The plain bread for pork floss fillings later..abit overbake though~

Texture again..

Overview of the pork floss bread..we made the mayonaise ourselves..hehe~*its alot of bread man*

Our table got chosen to help all 14 pairs to do this bread: Nuts and Raisins Bun. Wow its so much flour and stuff to be churned using a professional machine. K had a hectic time juggling btwn two machines. Luckily, I was not too noob at it >.>'

Washing the mixing bowl after the whole thing was tedious cos its SO BIG and HEAVY. Ok i wanted to wash it and now I am having muscle aches..duno from weight or from the bread making process.zzzz~ My triceps are being exercised again...great~ IF u wanna train ur arms, come bread making course, $300 4 weeks, confirm got results.

Before baking~

After look. It seems dark colored but inside not very well baked, oven temp was too high =.='

And we made donuts too..ours was taken to be an example..wahaha~

K was frying the doughnuts becos Judy said,"If u dun want her arms to become like mine, then u better fry the donuts.." LOL~

Dusted in sugar..~ For the first time i felt my donuts taste so gd ~esp after dusting with sugar..cripsy on the outside..YUMMY~

Coated with chocolate and almonds

Guess whats inside?

Yes your normal sandwich loaf..takes 45mins to actually bake it....omg~

K got cooked by a baking tray today..zzz~ careless chap..But he's gd at memorising all the stuff for making bread so much so Judy asked him wanna work part time anot for In any case, i pei fu his memory for this.

Today was very busy and hectic..such alot of bread and man~ my heels hurt and my triceps hurt. To be honest, I think my muscles are getting more defined..and bread making is a good way to tone ur triceps, trust me~