Le Saint Julien @Fullerton Water Boat House

Saturday, September 01, 2007 Posted by YY on 12:59 AM

Restaurant : Le Saint Julien
Cuisine : French
Location : Fullerton Water Boat House

Pricing : Refer to their webby - http://www.saintjulien.com.sg/

Damage : Abt $168 for 2 incl. one glass of white wine ($30)

Was led on a duno-where-am-I-going-for-dinner trail..finally got off 167 and hmm~

Is it Fullerton Hotel? Nope..is it UIC building? Nope..

And there, after some hints..its Fullerton WaterBoat House, at this point in time I didnt even know what cuisine we are having >.>'

Some pics first, cos we arrived one hour earlier..zzz~

When I asked,"Why book so late, 7:30pm?"

K said,"Cos too early then its too bright, not enuff ambience" =.=''

Took this picture from across the road and somehow..interferences keep coming in..like the cab..but nvm I cropped it off XDD~

Got seated at a scenic table because K requested for one. Hmm..somehow somewhat something in me got too preoccupied and absorbed into the ambience and got lost...So for the next 15mins, whatever the waitress/waiter was talking about..it sounded like greek to me >.>''''

It was fully booked tonight, at 7pm still bright and no customers yet..tranquil..~

Placing order was a stressful task, BECOS the prices so high -____- one main course abt $50+..although K said,"Tonight no need to help me save money one.." *his heart must be aching so much when he said this XDDD*

As a scrooge, I seldom spend so much at one go except 2 occasions: Tour and Facial. >.>

After placing out orders, waitress asked if we wanted bread. I was wondering if got extra charges..>.>'

And the bread is...FANTASTIC~ why? Now go take out that loaf in your kitchen, press ur finger into the bread, now wait and see if the dented area pops up..I bet with u that the gardenia bread is long into the irreversible deformed stage liao~ These breads can actually regain to the original state..wow~ And the butter provided is full of fats..WHY? Cos it didnt melt.*I shan't start teaching the process of making butter here...*

After 3 breads, the dishes came.

This is : Mélange de champignons sauteed aux échalottes et persil - $16

Which means forest mushroom with shallot and parsley lah... *boombastick names in french makes a non french patron confuse....>.>*

My main course : Cabillaud à la Provençale au basilic, balsamique et ratatouille - $42

In other words, Roasted cod with basil oil and balsamic jus, vegetable ratatouille

This dish is pretty nice, the codfish was thick and cooked just nice. Ratatouille was quite nice too..*i just watched Ratatouille the day before -.-' * AND the deco of the dish is great~

K's main dish : Canard de l’Huppe avec son confit, foie gras et rillettes, sauce au miel et citron - $58

A.k.a Roast Huppe duck with foie gras, confit and rillettes, honey, walnut and lemon sauce

First time I tasted foie gras ( pronounced as Fwa Gra), and it felt like..the fats under roasted duck skin. According to K, they seared the sides of the goose liver and that's all, not fully cooked one ..so it melts in ur mouth. Each goose has abt 1kg of liver to spare *i wonder how big is a goose o.o* and they are force feeding them to produce this.

Pretty tasty, but describing this expensive item as fats under a roasted duck skin seems insulting >.>' The rest of the items on the plate includes half cooked duck meat, which didnt taste bloody in any sense and duck meat wrapped in potato. Surprisingly, potato matches duck meat so well..never knew hur?

The dishes may seem to be in small portions BUT i tell you, up till this very moment which is 4 hours after dinner I am still very full -_-''' strange eh?

After dinner, I was trying to learn more about white wine from K. He said you are supposed to taste and smell something from it. But then eh..i only smell the same thing i smell in red wine..that's sour lor ...*alamak*

Nevermind, ambience ambience..~

The lounge area

Looked up and I saw the light was made up of glasses..interesting..It wld be more interesting if the wind blows in >.>'

Ended the full dinner with blowing sea winds at One Fullerton. I am a satisfied girl tonight.