Bread Making Lesson 3

Sunday, September 02, 2007 Posted by YY on 12:18 AM

Another chaotic lesson, this time we are doing breads which you don't commonly see outside, not your usual sweet breads...

To do list :

1.) Swedish Limpa Bread
2.) Calzones
3.) Focaccia
4.) Pizza

Look at the chaos much dough..all proofing there~

This bread is the limpa bread..which we kept thinking of limpeh bread -.-' My sis even tot of l*mpa bread (fill in with a or u) >.>'''

The bread dough is made by one table, then we weigh and separate into 2 share. After shaping, we were taught to mist it with water, sift rye flour over it and then finally using RAZOR blade to cut the 3 lines swiftly..finally a new use to razor other than shaving -.-' *cuts on the bread must be quick and on surface, else the bread deflats..serious~ * Two groups had their breads punctured from this lousy knife =.=

Heng when it was our turn, we had the razor and wee~ there's the limpa bread. Its smth traditional looking, and tastes like fatt go ( 发糕 ) to me ..-___-

There's K's hands with the thermometer testing if the bread is cooked. For bread to be cooked, the insides should be hollow and abt 90 degrees celcius.

The side view. I am glad it regained its shape after i compressed it..phew~

Next up, introducing the HAND MADE pizza. This is totally manual work. The flour and wet ingredients were put into a bowl and we used our bare hands to mix, knead until its well developed and passed window pane test. ( window pane refers to a membrane like lookin dough when u stretch the dough, shows gluten has been formed). This is tough work because yy hasn't kneaded a dough with hands I learnt by bio-ing this auntie opposite me, and K.. pizza dough did raise -_- Heng ar.>~

After they proofed finish, add in the pizza sauce, then cheese and other ingredients..those aunties were so kiasu that I didn't have enuff mushrooms to make 2 hawaiians..zzzzzzzzzz~

Third bread to intro here, calzone..fantastic filling inside the crust like exterior~ Garlic, onion, spinach leaves, ham, cheese(s) ..SLUuuurrpppp~

Put the fillings in, seal it up, and pic is before 2nd proofing. This bread dough has got italian herbs in it.

Brown due to egg wash, and its crispy like a curry puff..YUMMY~

Insides of the calzone

Bottom view of the calzone crispy.

Finally the last one to intro is focaccia ( foe ka sia ) *loosely "translated". Just ate this bread at Essential Brews that day and oh man..~ I fell in love with it..soft nice..

This dough has got chopped olives in it and we nearly forgot to add the olives..heng we remembered before it was too late for any amendments.

4 focaccia breads piping hot from the oven~ ( nearest to btm is ours)

Its cripsy on the top, and ultra soft on the inside..*drools*

It was quite a hectic lesson cos we had to jaga our own things now, like when to take the bread out to bake, how long to bake, is it cooked ..etc~ And the ingredients were quite similar, e.g. calzone and foccacia. However it was great fun to try out these french breads with my own hands..and they are edible ^^ On the same day, only 1/5 of the limpa bread was left, but my parents put it in the fridge..zzz~ like that how to eat tmr..?! My bread got no preservatives one lor..and my sis emptied my paper box containing my bread to put her Now my breads are in plastic bags, dried exposed to air..make me SBDL, unappreciative people.