Bread Making Stage 1 - Lesson 1 (18/8)

Sunday, August 19, 2007 Posted by YY on 1:28 AM

Started my next baking adventure @ culinaire once again, this time is bread making. Bread making was not my priority list, however I have to learn this eventually.

So with a kaki -> k, we reached so early at 12.30 to choup seats..*learn from aunties must be kiasu*..eeekk everyone was late due to the heavy rain..

There was 3 kinds of dough to be made, however 2 was made by the teacher to be distributed to all. So in the end, only the almond twist, sausage bread 's dough was made ourselves.

Such alot of bread..and to think we ate about 4 each...*PUKE* and this has to go on for 3 more wks -______________-'

Red bean filling inside

Look at the texture..obviously the hands are not mine XDD

This is the twister? Forgot the name..but look at the matt one, it has not been for why..i also duno leh..I tot i glazed all >.>

The ham with herb dough bread, I was wondering why the cheese dun melt one ..hmm~

The dough made by us, used to make sausage wrapped in bread.

The other type is almond, and grain sugar.

Overall the bread was quite gd, and we ate 4 each in total so we dun scare our families with the amount of bread..however, its not good for digestion -.-''

Right now, I don't wanna think about how to dispose of the bread...cos they contain NO PRESERVATIVES therefore cannot last long ...blah~