Cooking Expedition~

Monday, August 13, 2007 Posted by YY on 1:12 AM

Was supposed to cook curry chicken becos of the leftover coconut milk from making pandan cake. However, there was no good chicken meat, so I made another pandan cake to bring to office to poison the white mice >.>'

So dinner plans changed and I decided to get tomatoes and minced meat, but hey~ there's no large tomatoes..zzzz~

In the end, saw this promfret for $8.50 and looks still quite good a.k.a haven die more than 24 hours yet la..gills red and eyes clear and bright not sunken.

This fish sauce, to be poured onto the fish after its steamed. Its self made..o well, I am impressed..*can show off to dad*
*must rem to pour the water in the plate away first before pouring cooked boiling oil and this self made sauce onto the fish*

Need larger tomatoes man..these lousy malnutrition tomatoes..simply no flavour

Oyster mushrooms with oyster sauce..--'

Yummy~ dead fish still taste as good as a live one..i love promfrets ~

Two bowls of watery porridge for dinner, as earlier on I had a bad case of gastric indigestion and puked out my lunch..heng i woke up in time to pick up tips..hehe~

Thank you for the dinner, I really enjoy these cooking expeditions ^^