Purposeful Wkend ~

Monday, August 13, 2007 Posted by YY on 12:39 AM

Had family event on friday and went to dye hair at Annie's shop. I was so undecided between what color to dye. zzz~ Partly I didnt want to maintain that blondie mane anymore, and also to look as young as K la~ blah -.-

Upon reaching there, i saw this familiar bag and umbrella..OMGz its emodans (my sis), we actually met w/o any agreement before hand..o wow?

So there we are after the haircut, our identities switched. I am now a black mo (black hair) and my sis is now a blondie =.='

Saturday, I baked pandan chiffon for K. He says he like pandan cake wor..within my abilities hehe~ At night, we went all the way to this place: Seafood Paradise to eat crabs, this strange isolated area in defu lane..amongst the industrial buildings.

Information on opening hours, MUST CALL TO RESERVE. Else u wait till 11pm also nothing to eat.

金龙鸡 : Got some prawn paste, minced chicken wrapped with chicken skin, its dam crispy~

Chilli crab

Crab in cream sauce..very strange but yet, the crabs are fried before cooking with the sauce so it taste great~

Very spicy black pepper crab with vermicelli..so spicy we each ordered 2 cans of drink =.='

Packing up time..finally got a chance to capture the deco of the restaurant

Overall, i think parking is a problem for patrons but then again, good food is always worth all the trouble. I am impressed by the creativity in the dishes for the crabs, The rest of the stuff I haven tried..so cannot say much though.